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August 2019 Company News

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  Without Limits AUGUST NEWS Community | Blog| Training | Nutrition | Events | Apparel | About Us COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Without Limits loves being an active part of our communities. In Wilmington, we are working with St. Marks school with the cross country and track team.  We have put on track meets and cross country […]


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  Without Limits JULY NEWS Blog| Training | Nutrition | Events | Apparel | About Us FROM THE BLOG   EYE HEALTH AND RUNNING – WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW Think about all the time, money and effort we as runners invest in protecting our bodies, muscles and joints from the physical demands of our favorite […]


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  Without Limits June News Blog| Training | Nutrition | Events | Apparel | About Us FROM THE BLOG HOW DOES THE SUN’S UV RAYS AFFECT YOUR RECOVERY? (by Wilmington Dermatology) If you quickly slap on a face lotion with SPF 15 just minutes before your afternoon run, and call it a day, you are […]

For the Endurance Athlete…Surround yourself with Great People for Great Performance

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By:Lieutenant Colonel Kyle Phillips There is a perception of isolation and loneliness with endurance sports. Competing in marathon, triathlon, and ultra running seems a wholly individual endeavor to an outsider. There is only one way to reach the finish line. Keep moving. Perhaps the segment in the Movie Forest Gump is responsible for perpetuating the theme […]

25 Years of Running | Global Running Day | Why I still run

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After 25 years, I thought this is a good time to list the reasons why I still run, and how I started and hope that anyone reading this will find some inspiration to continue on and never stop. I can vividly remember my very first run June of ‘94.  My dad took me to the […]

March 2019 Newsletter

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    Without Limits WITHOUT LIMITS IN THE COMMUNITY A big part of Without Limits is our partnerships with local organizations that directly effect our community. From Without Limits Athletes pushing/pulling/biking Ainsley’s Angles for their first Triathlon, to raising awareness and funds for local schools, city events, and children and adults living with disabilities, we […]

August races were hot, hot, Hot!

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The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit. ~ Morihei Ueshiba Lake Logan Half Ron Hicks had a very nice 15th place finish racing at Full IM Pace! Now that’s Without Limits. Coach Brian had a great race and finished 31st overall, great job coach. Justin […]

Without Limits Athletes beat the heat in July Races

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Without Limits athletes have been beating the heat and racing strong this July. Be sure to give a special shout out to your fellow wol team athletes and continue racing and training strong and smart during these hot summer days. Great Scottish walk and run festival 5k Chris B and her kids ran a 5k […]

Without Limits Pull-Up Challenge May-August

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Our next team challenge is the Pullup/Chin Up Challenge. The challenge will run from TODAY through August 31st (approximately 16 weeks). GOAL – everyone in WOL do 1 pull-up alone with no assistance.  Encourage your teammates to do this together. MENS TIERS Tier 1: I’ve got some hair on my chest: 3 pullups Tier 2: […]

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