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Without Limits offers nutrition programs for athletes and non-athletes to help individuals reach their weight and health goals

Diana Davis has been a registered dietitian nutritionist since 1983 and has been a Without Limits athlete since 2010. She started running to keep up with her husband, Phillip and their two children, Kelsey and Phillip Jr. who were runners at Topsail High School at that time. Diana progressed from walk to run, to do the occasional 5 K, then a few 10 K races, and ran her first Half Marathon in Wilmington in 2012. She watched as her husband and his training buddies took on the marathon distance and said to herself (and others) she would never run a marathon!

A tried and tested method

Meet Our Registered Dietitian

Diana is passionate about helping her clients take small steps to improve their eating habits as part of a healthy lifestyle (not a diet) and to achieve their health and athletic goals.

Like any good dietitian, she studied the nutrition research and developed healthy eating plans to support Phillip in his endurance training. She made his meal plans easy (because she was doing the cooking!) and based on real world foods that he would eat. Diana describes her husband as a bit of a picky eater, but that didn’t stop her from customizing his meals and snacks to support the miles he was running while also promoting a modest weight loss. Phillip was able to drop 15 lbs and qualify for the Boston in 2013 in his seventh marathon.

It was in April 2015, as her husband’s spectator, cheerleader and Sherpa at the Boston Marathon that Diana decided she wanted to run a marathon too. She ran the Wrightsville Beach Marathon in 2016, 2017 and again in 2018 when she was able to earn a Boston Marathon qualifying time in the 55-59-year age group. Diana applied the endurance nutrition strategies that are well supported in research to her own training and learned much about what works for her and how to adapt these to her client’s needs.

Diana is passionate about helping her clients take small steps to improve their eating habits as part of a healthy lifestyle (not a diet) and to achieve their health and athletic goals.
Not a Without Limits athlete? Not a problem! Without Limits Nutrition Programs with Diana are available to all who are interested, athletes and non-athletes alike.

Embrace Nutrition

Work with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

New Clients should begin with a free 15-minute inquiry call with Diana. This will allow you and Diana to discuss your health, nutrition and athletic goals and determine which of her programs or services are the best fit for your needs and schedule. Review the details of each of the nutrition programs below.

What to Expect from Working with Diana

  • A plan for proper amount of calories to support healthy weight
  • How to eat protein to support muscle mass and promote satiety
  • How to consume carbs to fuel the body and workouts properly
  • A whole foods approach to meal planning based on your food preferences
  • A shopping list for each week’s meal plan
  • Accountability with a registered dietitian to stay on track

Nutrition Programs

Registered Dietitian Diana Davis

Diana’s Eat to Run Better Weight Loss Program

$625/ 3-Mo

90-Day Comprehensive nutrition program to achieve better health, weight and race results
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  • 1 (60 minute) initial nutrition planning session to design the best training diet for you
  • 10 (30 minute) on-going nutrition training sessions spread out over 3 months
  • Resources that fit your busy schedule and skills in the kitchen: meal plans, recipes, grocery lists
  • Food and lifestyle tracking with monitoring by Diana

Diana’s Eat to Run Better On-Going Program

$150/ Month

Group or Individual Program

This nutrition service package is available to athletes who are already working with Diana and desire on-going support and accountability

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  • 2 (30-45 minute) nutrition counseling and coaching sessions each month 
  • Nutrition topics covered in these sessions will be geared to the athlete’s phase of training, goals and challenges

Nutrition Consultation

$125/ Initial Session

$80/ follow up

Personal One-on-One

A nutrition program customized to your specific health and/or training goals based on detailed history

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  • One 60 min Zoom call
  • A nutrition plan that shows basic food groups and number of servings per day of each to meet your nutritional needs, along with a 3-day sample menu
  • Topics for nutrition consultation: nutrition and hydration plan for marathon, ultra-marathon and triathlon training, carbohydrate loading plan, race day nutrition and hydration plan, and nutrition plan for prevention of runner’s diarrhea and others as needed
  • One email follow-up with Diana Davis Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Diana ran her first Boston Marathon in 2019