Healthy Eating Through the Holidays

Healthy Eating Through the Holidays
by Diana Davis RDN, LDN – Without Limits Dietitian Nutritionist

Do you have a plan for your holiday eating?
Yes, I know you want to celebrate the holidays! The parties and celebrating have already
begun, and I want you to be able to eat, drink and be merry, BUT not too much!

You know the drill, too much eating, drinking, and merriment can add up to feeling bloated and
lethargic in the “short run” and too much partying will produce gains in body weight and body
fat (which is never good) in the “long run!” All of this typically equals a few missed workouts at
a minimum and in some cases, a really “good excuse” to take the month of December off from

So, what can you do? Consider having a plan.

  1. Day of a holiday event/party: get your workout in early; hydrate with lots of water
    throughout the day; eat a balanced meal or snack before you go to the party; bring a
    vegetable-forward appetizer to share (such as a meat, cheese & veggie tray, a hummus
    & veggie tray, or a spinach and artichoke dip with veggies and crackers/chips)
  2. At the holiday event/party: HAVE A GOOD TIME; continue to drink water – between
    rounds of alcohol; make sure to eat with attention to more protein and veggies, and if
    your holiday gathering is an all-day event, get outside and get active with the kids!
  3.  Day after the festivities: get back to training as quickly as possible – you will never regret
    it; resume your regularly scheduled eating; and always water first, veggies most!

Interested in starting the New Year with a nutrition plan customized for your personal goals?, I
would love to be your nutritionist! I am licensed to provide nutrition counseling in both NC and
SC and am an in-network provider with several major insurance carriers. Reach out to me by
email dianadavisrd@gmail.com or through the Without Limits app or website