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WHERE ATHLETIC NOSTALGIA BECOMES LEGACY. Without Limits is founded on our athletes’ perseverance, diligence and dedication to achieve personal goals.

brand your race from start to finish.

Athletes are constantly striving to take their performance to the next level. Shouldn’t your apparel do the same?

Without Limits Event Promotion Packages offer more than a piece of race gear. Our exclusive partnership grants you access to an experienced team of race promotion experts to take your event to the next level:

  • Custom Screen Cut & Manufacturing + Printing & Graphic Design
  • Athletic Wear Brand Consulting
  • Brand Event Planning & Marketing
  • Exclusive Access to our Email Database for Race Engagement

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Without Limits can help your race grow.  We will transform your merchandise to a whole new level WOWing your participants.  Without Limits is your partner, we help you market your race through our communication channels.


When you choose Without Limits, you are giving your customers what they deserve.  We help any event that has a vision to be successful.  Let us help you brand your race to the max!  Why giveaway junk apparel when you know you want your participants to wear your event Tee.

Without Limits branded shirts are here to help you raise the bar for your event!  Not only do we design and make your shirts, we market for you too!

Style Sizes 72 144 288 600 1200 2400 XXL
Premium Blend SM-XL $11.00-$12.15 $10.85-$11.55 $10.12-$11.04 $9.66-$10.78 $9.41-$10.38 $8.99-$9.91 Adds $1.00
Nu Blend – Athletic SM-XL $9.00-$10.09 $8.58-$9.69 $7.97-$9.24 $7.71-$8.64 $7.49-$8.18 $7.11-$7.76 Adds $1.00
Nu Blend – Traditional Size SM-XL $8.91-$10.27 $8.71-$9.80 $8.08- $9.41 $7.84-$8.77 $7.60-$8.34 $7.19-$8.01 Adds $1.00
100% Soft Cotton Tee SM-XL $8.22-$9.11 $8.02-$8.73 $7.58-$8.38 $7.22-$8.13 $6.94-$7.74 $6.70-$7.36 Adds $1.00
Ladies Premium Tank Top SM-XL $10.85 $10.50 $10.30 $9.85 $9.65 $9.50 Adds $1.01
Mens Soft Cotton Tank Top SM-XL $9.87 $9.15 $8.58 $8.34 $7.90 $7.76 Adds $1.00
Ladies Soft Cotton Tank Top SM-XL $8.89 $8.48 $7.94 $7.69 $7.31 $7.08 Adds $1.00
Unisex L/S Tee w/ Hood $19.25 $17.75 $17.25 $16.85 $16.40 $16.05 Adds $1.01
Nu Blend L/S T-Shirt SM-XL $13.50 $11.85 $11.50 $10.85 $10.45 $10.05 Adds $1.00
Hoodie (Special Blend) SM-XL $26.05 $23.18 $21.83 $20.59 $20.28 $19.84 Adds $1.00


Without Limits socks are custom manufactured right here in the United States.  We can make anything!
Minimum Order 120 Pair of 1 size
Can order 60 additional of another size after 1 size
Custom Sock Height
Sublimated graphics or cut and sew design

Get Started

Custom Hats and Beanies are an event and store favorite.  They are easy, typically 1 size and great items to sell or giveaway at an event.
Custom Manufactured Hats – Minimum 150 – Cost Varies based on Customization
Custom Manufactured Beanies – Minimum 150 – Cost Varies based on Customization
Domestic Hats – Minimum 24 – $12.50 (Cost can vary based on style)
Domestic Beanies – Minimum 24 – $11.50 (cost can vary based on style)
Patches for Apparel – Minimum 150 – $3-$4


Custom Apparel Package

On top of your premium experience we offer the option to sore above and beyond with our custom jobs.

Without Limits Custom options take extra planning well in advance of your event. We design and custom manufacture our products to produce everything you ever wanted. We are 100% confident that with our services, you will see amazing things happen with your event/business

  • Garment printing – up to 6 colors.
  • Design Consultation
    Give us your ideas, vision and direction and we will do the rest!
  • Folding, Bagging and Size Labeling for easy distribution and protection of product
  • Digital Marketing
    Through our 20,000 endurance athlete database, we can market your event and provide social media sponsored posts to help you get regional and national reach.
  • Custom Manufacturing
    Our custom manufacturing includes custom material and styles specifically tailored for your project.
  • Event/Race Consulting
    we have experience managing events and want to help you grow yours. We understand runner trends and continue to innovate ways to keep your event ahead of the rest.
  • Online Retail Store
    If your race is in the need of an online shopping cart for your post-race gear or swag items, we provide the option to add your custom apparel to our shop.
Custom designed apparel is very similar to the cost of our premium options, but require much higher minimums and up to 4 month lead times.
Lounge Pants from $13.65
Long/Short from $10.98
Custom Hats –
100 minimum 
Visors –
100 minimum
Sweatshirts –
48 minimum
Tanks –
72 minimum
Let’s create something together!



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What Event Directors Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, since 2012 Without Limits has grown and helped elevate the athlete experience at top rated races across the country.  Partner up with a company who cares and invests with you.  That is Without Limits!

“We made the decision to move away from our traditional apparel company at PPD Beach2Battleship in 2012 and it could not have proven to be a more positive choice. Without Limits took our athlete gear and merchandise to a whole different level when compared to typical race gear.
From the beginning, their attention to detail and professionalism made us feel safe in our decision. Moving away from typical tech shirts was something we approached with apprehension, at first. After meeting with the team at Without Limits we quickly realized the products they were presenting HAD to be on our athletes. The cuts, the feel, the designs were cutting edge and something not found in the racing event market. Without Limits created an entire look and feel for our event, and our athletes took notice. The positive comments have been pouring in from our athletes and our merchandise profits were the highest in our 5 year history. If asked if another event should consider Without Limits apparel I would say 100 percent. If you want your event to stand out and your athletes to leave in awe of their swag, Without Limits is the company to choose.”

Jeremy Davis

Event Director, Beach2Battleship Triathlon

Without Limits Apparel has taken our race to a new level.

Now our athletes can enjoy their experience well beyond our event weekend. The amount of times we have seen our race apparel in the last year in countless. We have gotten emails, phone calls, and social media posts from participants saying how much they loved the apparel and appreciated what they were given. Without Limits Apparel was worth every penny. Our happy participants and marketing return has been truly priceless.”

Wrightsville Beach Marathon

Proactive Lifestyle Events

Even though I didn’t make my time this year, I got one of the best race shirts I have ever seen!

With that and my first tube socks EVER, I’m good! Great race, guys!”

“WOL Gear: The softest running clothes you’ll ever wear.”

“Then I thought about it again. They are also the softest running clothes you’ll ALWAYS wear. I thought of these while sporting my Wrightsville Beach marathon t-shirt AGAIN. Seriously. Best. shirt. ever.”

“This race also had the best t- shirt and – even better – socks!! Thanks so much!”

Race Participants

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