We all go through challenges, and after 16 years in business I hit a major challenge with Without Limits. REBRANDING! Running a business is a journey of ups and downs. Without Limits turned out to be my career, which I never would have predicted a long time ago. It turned out to be better than expected and I thank God for giving me that blessing.
So why did we rebrand? I could say it was time for a change, and maybe it was, but unfortunately a much bigger athletic company than mine thought our brand looked too much like theirs and change was inevitable.
The decision was easy, don’t fight this, instead, make things better!
We are who we are, and we don’t want anyone else to think we are trying to be them. So for all of my friends and followers, WOL is Without Limits and that is what it was called from the start.
Our journey continues and our story gets better and stronger. We want to thank all of our athletes and the folks that support our events and wear our gear! Our mission continues to set goals and break through our old limits. Limits are not always defined by speed. While getting faster and improving performance is a part of endurance sports, so is mental improvement and overcoming obstacles in sport and in life. All this trickles down to our inner core of improving the SELF. WOL is what people have called Without Limits since we started. There is no symbol to define without limits than the words and letters themselves!
Embrace the Challenge and continue to LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS!
A big thanks to our athletes, coaches, colleagues, friends , and most importantly my wife Annette Clifford! She took over the administration and helped me tremendously when we first got married in 2011. She gave up her job with a big unknown. We developed a brand together have some amazing people around us!
A big thanks to my brother Steve Clifford for helping me rebrand!
Cheers to the future and thank you for your support!
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