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Making people healthier through passion, planning, and motivation.
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Our mission is to help people believe in themselves and achieve their fitness goals.

We truly believe that limits are self-imposed and can be overcome by changing our mentalities.

It’s true that every person has unique hurdles to jump but, with the right support system and coaching, you can achieve all your fitness and health goals.

We have all heard statements about breaking through limits, but there is more to it than just the physical component. The Without Limits™ brand represents the experiences, relationships, triumphs, and failures you experience on the journey of accomplishing your goals and dreams. Our story is simple: we want to help people to believe in themselves and achieve their goals. We want our athletes to become their best selves.

Embracing the Challenge

Humble Beginnings

Tom Clifford, founder of Without Limits, lives the brand through endurance sports as an athlete, coach, and through his faith in God.

He started running short distances as a young boy, and his sister pushed him to challenge himself by going on 5 a.m. runs in Michigan’s subzero temperatures. While he often felt frustrated with his sister pressuring him to push harder in the beginning, Tom developed a craving for setting new physical goals for himself. He satisfied his need to push himself by running for Eastern Michigan University and later becoming a 70.3 Ironman Champion.

I Am Without Limits

More than a workout


Without Limits is much more than a fitness program, we’re a methodology.

Just like our name says, we don’t believe in limitations. Instead, we recognize that all humans have varying obstacles, and we each must learn how to navigate them differently.

Beyond developing custom fitness plans for our clients, we do our best to support you and reshape your mindset. Challenges happen for you, not to you. We believe that limitations are self-imposed. Once you realize how your challenges can make you stronger and you’ve embraced them fully, that’s when you can achieve your fitness and health goals.

Using a combination of planning, assessment, and support, we’re sure we can help you become more determined and passionate about achieving your goals.