Embrace the swim.

Custom swimming plans for every level.
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We facilitate a supportive and energetic environment focused on you and your goals.

Without Limits offers on-site swim coaching in Wilmington, North Carolina and online swim programs available through TrainingPeaks® software.

Looking for a low-impact recreational sport to stay in shape or to better your time in your next race? Established in 2006, our swimming programs have been developed, tested, and proven over fourteen years to provide swimmers, triathletes, and enthusiasts with the guidance and confidence they need to achieve their fitness goals.

A tried and tested method

Methodology + Experience

At Without Limitswe’re constantly developing new methodologies and techniques to adapt to the sport.

Our team of USA-Triathlon Certified and USA Swimming Certified swim coaches is passionate about helping others achieve their athletic goals. That’s why we employ a combination of fitness planning, assessment, and support to provide you with a custom and specific training plan that both challenges and reshapes your mindset.

Along with our programs, our personalized coaching provides comprehensive, detailed weekly instructions and instant progress updates and feedback through weekly and/or bi-monthly communication. Utilizing our online TrainingPeaks® program, we’ll track your progress, analyzing your training sessions to provide you with the guidance needed to strengthen your swim all without ever losing your data. In addition, our on-site premium coaching options also include group swim sessions and training focused on developing proper swim technique and endurance.

Complete our Coaching Questionnaire to get started and one of our certified USA-Triathlon or USA Swim coaches will review your information and determine the best training options for you and your objectives.

Embrace the Swim

Swim with confidence

Looking to take your swimming to the next level?

Our certified coaches have the understanding, knowledge, and experience to elevate your routines, offering strength work, stretching routines, and specific prehab exercises to help maximize your workouts and improve your overall swim technique.

Leveraging proper stroke technique with periodization training, video analysis, and open water training we create a realistic workout environment that not only fosters success but guarantees an improved athletic training experience for swimmers and multisport athletes looking to embrace their challenges.

What to Expect

  • On-Site Weekly Group Training Sessions
  • Stroke Education
  • Technique Development
  • Periodization Planning & Training
  • Open Water Training (Plan Dependent)
  • Direct Training Feedback

Program Locations

We currently offer swim programs at our Wilmington location with practices and one-on-one pool and open water sessions available at YWCA of the Lower Cape Fear Pool and Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Wilmington, NC

Swimming Events

Without Limits™ also plans, hosts, and puts on these annual North Carolina based race events

Coaching & Training Programs

USA-T certified professional athletic training for your next run, bike, swim or race

Premium Coaching Programs

$165/ Month

Multisport / Triathlon Training

Geared towards triathletes and swimmers. Discounts available for packages due to on-site lane availability.

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  • Initial 60 min. One-on-One Consultation + Race Planning
  • Individualized online training plan via TrainingPeaks®
  • Weekly and/or Bi-monthly phone calls and/or emails
  • Includes location practices and group swim sessions (On-site Only)
  • Includes Zwift Coached Online Sessions for triathletes and cyclists

Swim Program

Starting at

$50/ 4 pk.

Swim Training

On-site swim coaching and group training for recreational and competitive swimmers of all levels.

$80 / 8 pk.

$100 / 12 pk.

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Looking for a low-impact recreational sport to stay in shape or to better your time in the swim leg of your next race event? Join our swim training programs with Without Limits™ coaches Kristen Jeno, JP Merchant, and Celia Wolff. Our personal and group swim sessions focus on balancing proper swim technique and fitness to develop your personal abilities as an athlete.

  • Weekly Group Swim Training at the YWCA of the Lower Cape Fear
  • Pool Membership
  • Training Plan and/or Email Feedback
Upgrade Add-Ons
  • $65 – Private Swim Session
  • $90 – Swim + Video Analysis
  • $100 – Swim Video Form Analysis & Email Feedback

One-on-One/Small Group Session

$60/ Hour

With a Without Limits™ Swim Coach

Geared towards swimmers looking for individual coaching and form assesment or swim group training for all levels.

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Fleshing out a realistic training program based on your fitness level, goals, and time frame is our top priority. With this additional swimming session, you’ll have an opportunity to personally consult with the Without Limits™ coach of your choice.

During this consultation, you’ll have the chance to discuss various elements of your training including goals, training nutrition, and race nutrition, while our certified USA Swimming and USA-Triathlon professional coach analyzes your swimming form and technique. This swimming program add-on also includes a personal strength training session to kickstart your training.

Program Options
  • $60 – Swimming Form / Consultation
  • $60 – Periodization Planning
  • $65 – Private Swim Session
  • $90 – Swim + Video Analysis
  • $100 – Swim Video Form Analysis & Email Feedback
Upgrade Add-Ons
  • Premium Coaching
  • Group Training
  • Pool Membership
  • Training Plan

Endurance Strength Training

$60/ Hour

With a Without Limits™ Coach

Geared towards runners, cyclists, and swimmers of all levels.

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Do you need to strengthen your endurance for your run, bike, swim, or leg of your next big race? Our strength training and conditioning programs are perfect for those who are looking for individual coaching and form assessments to become better, stronger, and faster endurance sport athletes. Schedule a one-on-one session with one of our USA-T certified coaches today.

  • Strength Training and Conditioning
  • Running Form Assessment
  • Cycling Form Assessment
  • Swim Form Assessment