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Custom training plans and coaching programs for every level.

Attending Without Limits

We currently offer in-person coaching and fitness programs in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Without Limits™ practices set you up for success by leveraging behavioral synchrony—a human cultural practice that physically coordinates one’s behavior with others to keep individuals together in time. When working together, team members benefit from this behavior by releasing mood-lifting, discomfort suppressing endorphins that reduce their perceived effort of training under a given intensity. Our model creates a structured, synchronized workout environment that fosters success and guarantees an improved athletic training experience.

Training Programs

Looking for more details on a specific training program or workout? Join our growing community of runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes of all fitness levels.

Wilmington Programs

Set your next goal and let Without Limits put the right fitness plan together for you.

Whether you’re an athletic enthusiast just starting out or an advanced athlete with awards under your belt, we guarantee you’ll have fun and work hard with our tough and talented Wilmington, NC coaches who will help you to find it within yourself to achieve any fitness goal.

Complete our Coaching Questionnaire to get started and one of our USA-TF certified coaches will review your information and determine the best training options for you and your objectives.

Meet the Coaches

Get to know our USA Triathlon, Track & Field, and USA Swim certified professional coaches

Practice Locations

Practices are held throughout the Wilmington area including:

Athlete Portal

Join our growing community of members by downloading the Without Limits™ App today. Check into practice, purchase coaching packages or add-ons, review training plans, and more all with our easy-to-use online application.

Premium Coaching Programs

$165-$200/ Month

Running and Multisport Coaching

Geared towards triathletes, runners, cyclists, and swimmers.

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  • Initial 60 min. One-on-One Consultation + Race Planning
  • Individualized online training plan via Training Peaks
  • Weekly phone calls and/or emails
  • Includes location practices and group runs (if applicable)
  • Includes Zwift Coached Online Sessions for triathletes and cyclists

Essential Running Programs

Starting at

$80/ Month

Running Program: Levels 1, 2, or 3

On-site Run Coaching and Group Training for all levels.

$110 / 1 Month Plan

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  • 4-8 Running practices per month
  • Proper run warmups
  • Tempo, Steady State, and Interval Training
  • Post run strength conditioning and stretching
  • Q&A session and discussion with coach
  • Limited emails and/or phone calls
Alternative Running Packages

$200 / 2 Month Plan

$270 / 3 Month Plan

$320 / 4 Month Plan

Upgrade Add-Ons
  • Online Coaching Plan
  • One-on-One Consultation
  • Swim Practice / Cycle Center
  • Video Training Analysis
  • Data Analysis

Youth Running Program

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Year Round


Running Program: Distance, Sprints & Strength

On-site Run Coaching and Group Training for all levels.

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Recognized by the USA Track and Field Association, Without Limits™  Trailblazers Youth Programs and running camps focus on increasing running endurance, speed, and agility to help young athletes maximize their full potential. 

Year Round

Location: UNCW and Downtown
Age: 6 to 17
Distance Program: endurance + strength development and outdoor track season pre-speed work

Sprint Training Program: short speed + agility + strength development

Pricing and Practice Options
Tuesday @ 5:45pm
Wednesday @ 3:50pm
Thursday @ 5:45pm

Swim Programs

$40-80/ Month

Swim / Triathlon Training

Geared towards recreational and competitive swimmers and triathletes of all levels.

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Looking for a low-impact recreational sport to stay in shape or to better your time in the swim leg of your next race event? Join our swim training programs with Without Limits™ coaches Kristen Jeno, JP Merchant, and Celia Wolff. Our personal and group swim sessions focus on balancing proper swim technique and fitness to develop your personal abilities as an athlete.

  • Weekly Group Training
  • Pool Membership
  • Training Plan and/or Email Feedback
  • Practices at the YWCA of the Lower Cape Fear
Upgrade Add-Ons
  • $65 – Private Swim Session
  • $90 – Swim + Video Analysis
  • $100 – Swim Video Form Analysis & Email Feedback

Fall Walk to Run 2022

$100/ 12 Week Session

First practice is free starting August 24th

On-site Run Coaching geared towards beginners and 5K fitness enthusiasts.

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Looking to get back into shape or wanting to finish your first 5K? Let us help with our Fall Walk to Run program leading up to the GFL Battleship 5K downtown Wilmington on November 13th.  www.battleshiphalfmarathon.com

  • Free training plan for 12 weeks
  • Seasonal lead up to a 5K
  • On-site Run Coaching and Group Training
  • Proper run warmups
  • Walk / Run interval training and progression
  • Post run strength conditioning and stretching
  • Q&A and discussion with coach
  • Limited emails and/or phone calls
Upgrade Add-ons
  • Online Coaching Plan
  • One-on-One Consultation
  • Video Training Analysis
  • Swim Practice / Cycle Center
  • Data Analysis

1 on 1 Sessions

$60/ Session

Run / Swim / Cycle / Strength

Have a 60 to 90 minute session with a coach

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Need to get 1 on 1 attention with one of our certified coaches?  Check out some of the options you get when you do a 1 on 1 session: 

  • Form Analysis
  • Plan discussion and overview
  • Goal setting and consulting
  • Swim form Analysis
  • Private cycling session in person or on Zwift

Coached Cycling

Variable Pricing

Cycle / Triathlon Training

Available nationwide and geared towards cyclists and triathletes of all levels looking for virtual individual coaching or onsite coaching.

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Without Limits designs programs for cyclists and triathletes.  For cycling we use built workouts in training peaks that we have customed design for success.  Our workouts sync with Garmin, Zwift, Trainer Road and more.  Our cyclists have increased FTP up to 14% in a 4-6 month period.  Contact us today!

Practice Schedule

Location based program calendar & member options