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One Marine’s Perspective: Reflection on Readiness

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By Kyle Genaro Phillips March 2020 will forever be etched in our memories. Over the course of the last fourteen days, our global community came to a grinding halt. There are a number of different personal responses, to include, denial, panic, and hopelessness against the backdrop of something that we collectively do not have a […]

Boost Your Nutrition to Boost Your Immunity

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By: Diana Davis, RDN Without Limits Registered Dietitian Nutritionist March 22nd 2020 In the midst of our current situation in the world of handwashing, sanitizing, social distancing, work from home, self-quarantine and cancellations it’s great to know that what we eat to fuel our bodies can boost our immunity and help protect us from coronavirus. […]

Recovery, Retention, & Gains: How Hormones Effect Athletes

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Written By: Dr Gabe Frank February 2nd, 2020 Distance running is one of the most taxing and difficult sports you can put your body though.  This type of endurance and high intensity exercise can cause significant taxing on your body systems.  It is not uncommon to have changes in vitamin levels, iron levels, and hormone levels […]


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Want to dial in your nutrition, energy and weight before your next big race?  Not sure what or how much you should eat each day when you are training for a marathon or half marathon?  Love to cook and eat healthy but just can’t find the time to figure it out on a busy schedule? […]


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  Without Limits JULY NEWS Blog| Training | Nutrition | Events | Apparel | About Us FROM THE BLOG   EYE HEALTH AND RUNNING – WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW Think about all the time, money and effort we as runners invest in protecting our bodies, muscles and joints from the physical demands of our favorite […]

For the Endurance Athlete…Surround yourself with Great People for Great Performance

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By:Lieutenant Colonel Kyle Phillips There is a perception of isolation and loneliness with endurance sports. Competing in marathon, triathlon, and ultra running seems a wholly individual endeavor to an outsider. There is only one way to reach the finish line. Keep moving. Perhaps the segment in the Movie Forest Gump is responsible for perpetuating the theme […]

How to Motivate Yourself for 2019 – Sign Up For a Race!

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By Without Limits Founder (and Coach) Tom Clifford. Experts say that most New Years Resolutions don’t last because people de-commit to their goals just a few weeks after January 1st.  Why?  Are folks setting goals that are not realistic with their schedule?  Are people just not committed enough?  Are these goals being set with any […]

Why Hire A Coach?

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WHY HIRE A COACH? There are lots of training books and programs online but what makes hiring a coach different? A coach helps individuals achieve their own, unique goals with the ability to adjust the schedule due to work or family life, injuries, age, and time. Training is not a one size fits all program, […]

Why Does Tapering Feel Like Crap and how do you stay healthy?

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You have spent months training for your race and most weeks you have felt amazing.  Your mileage was up, and even though you were sleepy tired, the more you ran the better you felt.  Now it is time to rest up for the race and you feel worse.  What the……. What happened, why would you […]

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