Without Limits Challenger Jeremy Reynolds

jeremyIntroducing our 2nd Without Limits Challenger Jeremy Reynolds!  Read a little about Jeremy below…..

What is your overall background – age, where are you from and family life?

I grew up ion Southern California playing baseball and volleyball as a high school kid.  Eventually I joined the Airforce and met my Wife Shannon there.  Shannon was from Wilmington, so after numerous traveling, we settled here in Wilmington where Shannon’s family lived.  I now work for GE since 2010 and I recently got into the Spartan races because of the challenge.  I quickly realized I needed to increase my endurance, specifically my running.


A recap again on your new years resolution/reason for wanting to be a part of the challenge

I am fairly new to running, but once I got into the running scene I found out that there was one big race people trained for, The Boston Marathon.  I found out you had to qualify to get into Boston, so right then I knew I had to try because I was drawn to the challenge.  I have completed a marathon training plan with a friend, but have never raced a marathon before.  Once I saw the Without Limits Challenge on social media, It was a no brainer that I had to try to win to get some guidance to get to Boston!

Did someone motivate you to take the challenge, or was this a personal decision.

This was a personal decision, but I always talk to my kids about setting goals and working for things in life.  If you want it, you have to work hard.  When they see me do it, they will hopefully follow my example.  Boston hadn’t been a thought until I found out it was hard to get in, and then I looked at it as another challenge that I will reach, and I am willing to work hard for it!

Have you ever had personal coaching before.

I have never had a coach because I have always gone out and just done my thing.  I never really felt I was at the level of needing a coach but eventually as I got into the sport more, the interest grew because I didn’t want to waste time or do it wrong.

Have you ever ran the WBM marathon before – if yes, their favorite part – if no, looking forward to the most/have heard about from others

I have not run it but I have heard that it is high energy, the new full marathon course is what I am excited about the most besides reaching my goal.

Fun fact – something nobody knows about you, or hobbies

I have done In flight fueling for the Airforce.  I have to lay down in the back of the airplane and  connect 2 airplanes mid flight. It is like a big video game but for real.  I  use a joy stick and once the planes are connected we can pass 1000 gallons of fuel per minute.  If something doesn’t go right, it can cause major consequences as you can imagine.  It is a lot of fun, and being a kid who grew up loving airplanes – I get to see everything up close.

I am excited and nervous about this challenge.  I want to reach this goal and I know it will be tough, but I believe in myself and believe I will reach it sooner or later.