Without Limits Challenge – Week #9 (Charleston)

Our challengers are less than a month out from the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k. The Bridge Run will be a test of their fitness and their improvement made during the #WithoutLimitsChallenge. However, this week we focus on the process rather than the end result by asking Tara and Siobhan what they have been working on recently in their training.

Tara Marlowe
911 heroes run


Up to this point in my training I have been working on increasing my speed and endurance, and learning to really take in and enjoy those recovery runs. In the past I have always just gone out and ran, and I never really took many rest days to allow my body to recover. With Chris as my coach, I am learning proper training techniques, incorporating fartlek and tempo runs, and learning that recovery runs are important to your training. This month, I expect to really start focusing on pushing my threshold and getting ready for the Bridge Run. The race is only 25 days away and I am hoping to make it my best Bridge Run to date.


Siobhan Maize
During my Without Limits practices I’m working on incorporating speed work into my training. After my injury in October and long lay off from running, I had to add in time on my feet running before adding in any faster speed work. Now that I’m stronger running, I can add in one day of speed or tempo work each week. As I run faster I’m also working on running form and efficiency. My legs (and mind!) are starting to remember what it feels like to run fast! It’s been an adjustment, but a welcome adjustment. It’s fun to find some speed again, but to do it cautiously so that I don’t re-injure myself.  Coach Chris has been great about telling me what type of workouts to do as well as what pace to run my intervals.  Running with the Without Limits group has also helped me to push myself more easily than I would on my own. It’s been fun getting back into shape with a group!