Without Limits Challenge – Week #6 (Charleston)


Endurance athletes are creatures of habit. We get in a routine with our training and often forget exactly why we started, or better yet, why we continue to train and strive to reach our goals. Motivations vary from one athlete to another, but it is helpful for every athlete to understand their “Why?”, the true purpose of their training. Tara and Siobhan are about halfway through the #WithoutLimitsChallenge and we asked them what keeps them motivated during their training.

Siobhan Maize


I’m motivated each week to complete all my workouts laid out by Coach Chris because I realize that I can only reach my goals through hard work and consistency. Results don’t magically happen by wishing for a certain outcome. Results come from consistent training. The hard workouts that I’m doing now, will translate to my race goals later on. I’ve learned through the years that I get a huge physical and mental boost from seeing my progress over the weeks. Workouts that were hard for me a few weeks ago feel more manageable now. It’s such a confidence builder. I had such a great long run this week because I felt strong and was able to run longer than I was able to at the start of the challenge. Huge confidence boost! I can’t wait to see how strong I’ll be at the Bridge Run!

Tara Marlowe
“My family keeps me motivated for this challenge. I look at them everyday and want to push myself to be a better me for them. I think about my children when I set personal running goals. I want them to see me working towards these goals, and I want to show them that when you put your mind to something and work hard at it, you can accomplish anything. I also think about my husband while pushing through this challenge. He once told me that my dedication to running and being fit inspires him. I keep that little piece of information in the back of my head at all times. If I am inspiring him, there is a chance that I may be inspiring someone else too, and that is enough to make me keep pushing through.”