Without Limits Challenge – Week #5 (Charleston)

Regardless of your experience level and background in endurance sports, there is always more to learn. By working with a coach and joining the Without Limits team, our two #WithoutLimitsChallenge participants have been exposed to new types of training. This week we asked our challengers what they have learned so far in the challenge and if they have any tips for others.

Tara Marlowe
“I have learned that it’s okay to take rest days and give your body a chance to recover.  I was always one that felt lazy if I took a rest day. But now I am learning that it is ok to take that time off and to enjoy it.
I have also learned that dynamic warm-ups are amazing. I used to just do a little stretching before running, but I come to realize that a little dynamic warm-up can go a long way.
If I knew someone else who was taking on a similar challenge, I would let them know that it is ok to push yourself and to challenge yourself. Listen to your body, and embrace the rest days. But most importantly, trust in the training.”

Siobhan Maize
During this challenge I have learned the importance of adequate warm-up before a workout and cool-down/stretching after my workout. Coach Chris always incorporates a warm-up jog, then dynamic warm up and strides before getting into the main workout. It’s a great way to get my legs ready to run and reduce the risk of injury –coming off of an injury I’ve learned that it’s important to include these steps. We also stretch or do a hip routine after the workout each practice.  Often times in my busy mom and work life I tend to skip these steps before and after my run. I’m really trying to incorporate them into my running routine, even if it means getting up a few minutes earlier…My advice for other people doing this challenge would be to take the time to listen to your coach! A good coach will keep you on track to finish the challenge successfully, you just have a to schedule the time to complete it!