Without Limits Challenge – Week #10 (Charleston)

In this week’s update of the #WithoutLimitsChallenge, our challengers Siobhan and Tara talk about their experience joining the Without Limits team and community. Siobhan and Tara are just over two weeks out from the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k and are benefiting from the support of their teammates.

Siobhan Maize


I have really enjoyed joining the Without Limits Team! I have gained so much from the team in just a few short weeks. During the weekly workouts I always push myself more when training with the group. Running intervals with people is mentally much easier than doing it solo. The people ahead of me serve as a ‘rabbit’ and hearing the footsteps of those behind me help me run faster. It’s also a great feeling to be part of the greater Without Limits Community. I feel as though I have an instant group of new friends. We encourage each other at races, support each other on social media, and have a fun time hanging out during workouts. Being a part of the larger running community is so much better than solitary training! Thank you Without Limits!

Tara Marlowe


peyton run

I have enjoyed being a part of the Without Limits team and community. Everyone is supportive of each other, always congratulating one another and sending each other well wishes before their individual races. It is nice to know that you always have someone to turn to when you have questions about your running, fatigue, injuries, or if you just want a running partner. Everyone in the group is like family, and at the practices they are constantly lifting each other up and encouraging one another to give it that last little push. I have never been a part of a running community like Without Limits, and I must say, it is pretty nice.