Why Hire A Coach?


There are lots of training books and programs online but what makes hiring a coach different?

A coach helps individuals achieve their own, unique goals with the ability to adjust the schedule due to work or family life, injuries, age, and time. Training is not a one size fits all program, even athletes at the same level need different training programs. Some individuals need higher mileage than others, strength, speed, hill work etc.

What do you do when you need to ask for responsible advice? What if you get injured and need help coming back? What if want to race and need help with strategy? What about following training phases and planning the right workouts for your goals? What if you want to qualify for Boston and don’t know where to begin? All these questions can be answered by having a coach.

A coach can help you with nearly every aspect of your training and achieving your goals. We integrate what you love to do, with what you need to do. So if you enjoy running with your friends on certain days, or going to a strength class, we can incorporate this into your training. We create a schedule that works best for you.

Personally, I have had coaching most of my life. I am almost 35 and have been coached for nearly 20 years. Through the years, my training has changed due to age, goals, races, family, injuries etc. I understand first hand the importance and need to have a coach. Because of this, I started coaching 12 years ago. I want help individuals train smarter, stay healthy, and achieve their goals. I love to help people maximize their potential and grow as an athlete. It is a process and takes a period of time but it is a fun journey and something we can accomplish together.

At Without Limits, a big benefit is that we have on-site practices to watch and observe how you are handling our workouts. We can then offer advice and adjust your schedule accordingly. Books or online programs can not attend your sessions. They can’t give you advice on your form, cadence, give you a high five, cheer for you or check in to see how you are feeling.

Without Limits has multiple training packages to fit your needs and budget!

Embrace the Challenge and let’s set some goals! Why wait contact us today!

Coach Tom Clifford
USATF LEVEL 2 Specializing in Endurance
Have questions? Feel free to email me at tom@iamwithoutlimits.com