Why Do We Eat The Way We Do?

Why do we eat the way we do?
Because we love food that tastes good.
Because foods from our childhood have the capacity to comfort, nurture, or to “heal” what is hurting.
Or maybe, just because it’s the fastest and easiest food available to us…

As a dietitian and nutritionist, I often hear from my clients that they know what they should eat, but life’s demands or stressors get in the

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way. Busy schedules with work, family, the house, the yard, and other commitments all have the potential to distract us from
our self-care goals like healthy eating.

The best nutrition strategies are framed by your goals and priorities. As an example, let’s say you need to stop late night binge eating (your goal) and your priority is modeling good eating habits to your family. You might start by planning healthy snacks at scheduled times with your family and eat only this before bedtime.

Be kind to yourself as you work on setting goals and making changes in food-connected behaviors. Just as it takes months (or years, in my case) to adopt a change in your running form, it will take time to make small changes toward healthier eating.

For more help with your nutrition planning contact WOL Nutritionist Diana Davis.