Blog: Philly Half, Full 8K, Norfolk Half, Seaside 5K and Hampstead 8K

Each one of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them.  How we handle our fears will determine where we will go with the rest of our lives.  To experience the adventure, or be limited by the fear of it.

Without Limits had athletes all over the southeast this weekend with some big A races to finish up 2014.  Groups headed up to Philly and Norfolk while many stayed for the local turkey runs and Seaside shuffle.  The sudden changes in weather made it interesting but all in all, it was another success!

Philadelphia 13.1, 26.2 and 8KIMG_20141123_204834

Jenny Perrettet had a breakthrough 8K performance in the Elite field with a time of 28:00 (5:38/mi)  She was 5th overall and first american!  Blazing behind her was Peggy Conlon who moved to Philly a few years ago – Peg ran fast running right at 32:05 (6:26/mi)!

Coach Kristen Smith conquered the marathon by reaching her goal of 3:45.  This was the first of 3 marathons where she ran the race perfectly with no stops even splitting 1:52 for both halves of the race!

Erin Jackson, another success story, PRing by 1 hour and 8 minutes on the verge of breaking 4 hours.  4:03:46, how about that for a PR!!!!!! Anthony Enoch completes his 41st marathon in Philly.  Yes that’s right, 41 marathons.

Karen Eckberg  had a smoking 2 minute personal best in the half marathon with a 1:25:19.  Big breakthrough Karen!


Habour Lights Half Marathon, Norfolk Virginia10409690_10100978230206026_623755102368832880_n

Shannon Maus back in action in the half marathon distance rockin a 1:42:46 taking 2nd in her age group 55-59.  Shannon is our energizer bunny, she never stops!

Lauren Stephenson joined Shannon up in VA running a 2:28:17.  BIG PR for Lauren, she quoted: “Last half marathon of 2014…PRed an unexpected surprise. Thanks toKristen and Sami for always pushing me— feeling super.

Big PROPS to Sherman Criner for his 3 minute PR at the JFK 50  miler!  9 hours and 55 minutes!sherman


Seaside Shuffle 5K and Hampstead Turkey Trot 8K

Two different weather days were in store for these races.  The Hampstead Turkey trot had idea conditions with calm winds and the mid 40s, while a warm front moved and and brought wind and rain for the seaside shuffle.  Both days though were awesome days to race for WOL.

In Hampstead Marcy Waters had a solid race winning overall with a 33:41 (6:47/mi) and Jeremey Snodgrass is moving up in photo (1)the pack on his comeback tour running 34:32 (6:57/mi)

Lisa Theriault running 38:03 (7:39/mi) awesome race!  And Diana Davis with a breakthrough 8K performance 44:20 (8:55/mi) Phillip Davis gets big husband points for pacing with her!

Michael Enz jumped in a last minute 10K up in Virginia to prep his legs for Cali-International Marathon.  He took 1st master and 3rd overall – 37:50.

150761_10204012249684998_8735446646511070584_n 10325504_10204012250565020_6025554745318326180_n 10348436_10204012251005031_3206338463941747716_n

In the Seaside Shuffle the men and women run separate races which makes it a lot of fun!  Windy and rainy but that made it interesting!


Makayla Obremski took 1st overall running controlled 20:5310801610_10205141445606452_8365043576592205514_n
Sue Bark – 1st in her AG.  29:30 breaking 30 for the first time!  Learning to Pace!


Tom Clifford 1st overall with a long standing course record 15:06
Tay Filer 2nd overall and 1st masters 17:13
Colin Hackman 3rd overall 17:43
Harrison Brown 4th overall, 1st AG – 17:48
Chris Pope – 5th overall 18:24
Rocco Quaranto – 2nd AG – 19:24
Luke Scacheri – 2nd AG – 20:51
Eddie Buchanan – 1st AG 64 yrs old – 21:16
Mike Duncan – 3rd AG – 21:20
Chris Post – 24:10

10689683_10152568597169514_84786313346130332_n FullSizeRender 10440765_10205141465726955_1652077902865049454_n 10155562_10205141471727105_9104073169223204052_n


Last but not Least – Charlie finishes 122 miles in 24 hours

Congrats to our ultra man Charlie Engle who won his 24 hour race Saturday.  Charlie ran 122 miles in 24 hours.  Ummm, Amazing? Crazy?  Unfathomable? more like WITHOUT LIMITS!