November Results blog, Tri’s finish up, Running Fires up!

Ironman Florida
The Ironman of PR’s and First Timers!! What a day! Hey guys and gals, you are Ironman Rockstars!
Patrick Horning: First Ironman!! Crushed his goal of sub 13 hours. 12:29!! Congrats Patrick.
Grant Meyers: PR!
Nick Rashid PR!
Brad Southerland: First timer
Ilene Schnall PR!

Battleship Half
Ben Schmidt – first half marathon and took the overall win 1:14:33
Tay Filer – kicks his season off cruising through 1:22
Kyle Phillips – new to WOL 1:33:08
Shawn Horton – 1:36:42 PR – middle of marathon training!
Tracy McCullen – 1:38.40 – PR
Mike Duncan -1:41:11
Charlie Jackson – 1:47:47 PR
Cate Peich First Half. From not being able to run 10 minutes without stopping to running the entire half marathon without stopping.
Nick Monroe 1:55:09 PR!
Ryan Redd
Erica Svab 1:57:36.5 PR!
Brian Eber 2:03:22.5
Tricia Bennett 2:35:01.3
Katherine Cammack 2:31:19.3
Maleia Tumolo 2:51:18.3


Battleship 10k
Lynda Smith
Jennie Mott

Battleship 5K
Myra Rasmussen– 1st race back from Pregnancy

Masters Cross Country Nationals

Congrats to Allie Kassons who won her age group nationals!  Awesome work and well deserved.


John Moehnke Run the Mountain in PA. Fought a great battle in prep for JFK 50 miler at the end of the month. Great job John on a smart event.

Richmond Half Marathon – congrats to Jeremy Snodgrass who is BACK!  Ran 1:22 cruising to a great first half marathon in quite some time!

OBX Marathon and HalfPeyton Chitty says: 7 minute PR and a 3rd place award for my age group. Super stoked to be completing a marathon at only 11 months post op for a pacemaker.  Also big congrats to Ashley Frank for doing the double 5K and Half Marathon winning her age group!

Congrats to Brooks Smith on a fight well fought at the OBX marathon.  With 4 kids and a few with a stomach bug she picked it up 2 days out from the race. She didn’t give up but had a great attitude and crossed the finish line. On to the next race with BIG goals to crush.

Judy Williams (2:54:14) and Frances White (3:04:17) plus a 5k finish!
Janet Coleman (2:33:18) and Phil Jewett (2:15:19) plus an 8k finish the day before!

OBX Half
Gloria Kelly 2:59:38 and Kris Fava (Kris also did both the 8K and 13.1, Great job Kris) 3:14:57- enjoyed training with you both! Congrats and glad to have u back with WOL!!

OBX 5k (39:56) and Southern 6 finisher Karin MacKinnon is back! Go Karin! We had a blast training with you.

Annette Carrico completed the OBX 5k (39:58) and cheered on the rest of the team Sunday during the half 🙂 Can’t wait to train with you for your spring half!

Audra Heins (8k finisher 58:58) and Kelli Curbo (8k and half marathon finisher 2:33:17) joined in the fun for the weekend! Great finishes for you both!

We are thinking of Laura Blair and Kim Eason who are recovering from severe ankle injuries and are unable to complete their fall races. Hope you are both healing!! We are looking forward to running with you both very soon.

Run for Life 5k
Maleia Tumolo is still running strong! 25:16…a PR for baby boy Tumolo!


Savannah Half Marathon

Christine Bean (2:28:43)(40:38), Carrie Cheatham (3:13:50)(41:39), and Lauren Stevenson (2:53:32)(34:32) all participated in the half marathon plus a 5k all in one weekend!!

Washington DC 10k
Dina McGrogan

Friends School 5K
Karen Eckberg – 18:39 – 1st overall female
Shawn Wellersdick – 19:44 – 5th overall
Shelley Malloy – 22:00 1st in AG
Tracy McCullen – 22:01 – ran with Shelley
Scott Tunis: 1st AG 60+
Anne Steketee – 1st 5K ever 44:00!


New York City Marathon
Lesly Jurado
Pam Dieffenbauch – first ever marathon!!
Mark Austin: Raising money for a great cause!
Chris Pope  – raised $6,000 for the James Blake foundation

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