New Years Romp Team Results, Bring on 2015

New Years Romp 10K and 5K

In the 5K

Congrats to Tim Winslow PR 21:18 and Age Group Winner 50-5910917295_886642808033787_7206215101373429131_n
Shelley Malloy PR 21:42 and 1st overall female
Tanya Kulisz 1st race under WOL 22:51
Jack Carroll – 25:09
Lauren Stephenson 33:23

In the 10K

1st overall Tim Nicholes with a post collegiate PR of 33:32
2nd overall and First Female with a PR of 35:30 Jenny Perrettet
4th overall and 2nd female with a PR of 38:20 Karen Eckberg

Shawn Wellerdick 43:56 on a training day after pacing Shelly in the 5K won his age group 40-491472862_886644561366945_8960007179223751259_n

Congratulations to Sam Catlett on his 10K PR 44:45 and 2nd AG 40-49. His first podium trip as part of WOL and training for his first marathon.

Also to speedy Karra Coburn on her 45:03 finish!

Who else is on the podium…Congrats to Sue Bark on her 10K PR and breaking 60 min! A bit of rest over the holidays and she did it!!!

Nick Monroe got a nice PR in his 10K of 50:35  – – 5MIN PR!!!

Ashley Frank 52:57 nice comeback Ashley!
Chris Post 53:26
Gary Cook 57:48
Christine Bean PR 1:02:24 and 2nd in her age group 60+
Ginny Cockrum – 1:04:19 in her first ever 10K!
Mary Joe Barbaretta – 1:04:20
Martha Weaver – 1:05:08
Regan Simmons – 1:08:08

If you want to check out the finish line video to see the finishes click here

10917113_886658644698870_3481204022613729278_n10897068_886643074700427_8682079111897758559_n10892025_1040548145971041_6963949958993654560_n 10888466_886658681365533_5926425993333316609_n 10801543_886640624700672_4272564528168046430_n 10750169_10204867428398264_4046978140961450640_o 10404302_886638571367544_6424829351501923263_n 10400816_886639604700774_8669360762986938004_n 10353705_886648164699918_155333822538080429_n 10347563_886668638031204_6477371429093082158_n 1505673_886648371366564_4663490333772228586_n

Funny Tid Bits

According to Tim Winslow’s Facebook page:

“Interesting race this am downtown. Learned to run while laughing… Ran withShawn Wellersdick and Shelley Malloy with Shawn pacing us both. If you’ve ever run with Shelley you know she complains a lot about the pace. Shawn’s responses were priceless… “Shut up – I’m sorry you chose a sport that hurts”… ” If you’re not going to run hard you might as well stop wasting your money on Coach Tom Clifford“… “Come on this is nothing, you pushed out 3 babies”. Thanks to Shawn she complained all the way to a PR and 1st place female…”

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