Delicious Immune Support Recipe: Mango Chickpea Salad with Grilled Chicken Kabobs

By: Diana Davis, RDN Without Limits Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
April 17, 2020

Take a look at this recipe! It is packed with good nutrition and flavor. It contains a variety of immunity supporting ingredients including protein, iron, and zinc-rich chicken, edamame (green soybeans), chickpeas and tahini, as well as leafy greens, and mango to really boost your intake of vitamins A & C in a salad that will leave you truly satisfied!

A high fiber salad eaten once daily should be part of your nutrition plan to promote healthy gut bacteria. Eating a variety of veggies and fruits which are high in soluble fiber (beans, peas, lentils and apples are a few examples) contribute prebiotics which “feed” the healthy bacteria in our guts and in turn help regulate the body’s immune response to illness.

I love everything about this recipe and the simplicity with which it can be made vegan. Just eliminate the chicken kabobs! The new version of the dish is still an excellent source of protein, with 19 grams per serving and rich in iron, zinc, fiber, vitamins A and C.

Eat well, be well and enjoy!