Bicycle Safety Check List

Open road bicycle safety has been an issue over the past few years.  More and more people seem to fall or get hit.  Follow this check list to have the safest bike ride possible.  The Without Limits Team’s mission for group bike rides is to have the safest and most enjoyable rides around.  Every time you go out for a ride, please go over this check list, especially with novice bikers.


#1 Have a planned route – discuss route prior to your ride. Will there be any hazards on this ride? Unsafe roads with small shoulder? Unsafe roads? Railroad tracks? Bridges? Is it wet on the roads?

#2 Does the route involve riding over bridges or railroad tracks?

#3 Dismount over bridges – do you gain fitness by riding fast over a 100 yard bridge?

#4 Dismount over railroad tracks – do you lose fitness by taking a 5 second break to dismount over unsafe railroad tracks?

#5 What time of day are you riding? Rush hour?

#6 If you are pace lining do not ride in Aero position. Drafting in a pace line should be CONTROLLED. You are not in full control of your bike when you are in your aero bars.

#7 Have lights on your bike DAWN DAY OR DUSK. Having a blinking light on your bike during day light hours is still more visible than no light.

#8 Do not ride in a cars blind spot

#9 Wear bright clothing

#10 When riding with a group, make sure your wheel is behind the wheel in front of you, not riding to the side of someone.

#11 Head check before moving to the left when riding in a group

#12 Get a helmet mirror to see behind you

#13 Signal your turns

#14 Signal to your fellow riders if you are slowing down

#15 Be able to see in front of you when riding in a group – whats on the road? Have time to slow down in case of any sudden stops.


#16 Follow Traffic laws, i.e. stop signs, yield to pedestrians.  A BIKE IS TREATED AS A VEHICLE COMPARED TO PEDESTRIANS