August comes in with a Bang! Results and Accolades

Ironman Boulder

Congrats to the Without Limits Boulder Team getting 3rd in the Division IV Ironman Club!  Coach Brian rolls in with an 11:17 and it was his 6th Ironman.  Up next for him Ironman #7 Chattanooga

Congrats to Steve White for breaking 13 in his first IM, now headed to IM Maryland in October.
Erin Jackson got a 30 min PERSONAL BEST. WOW!  And to add to it, a reminder she was at elevation….
How about Erin Green, she continues getting stronger!
Lori Drake finishes her first M DOT race with a 15:27
Stephanie Crews YOU are an Ironman!  This is a FIRST time Ironman and what a huge accomplishment for her 🙂
Billy Lloyd toed up to the line and was ready until he decided it wasn’t his day in the water…..guess what Billy, you will soon still be an Ironman….the sport is still allowed to humble us!  Great job!


Coach Sami coaches many of these athletes and this is what she had to say: “As a coach, yesterday was filled with emotion and learning. Having completed 12 Ironman events, I understand and have lived this quote…In an Ironman, “all human plans are subject to ruthless revision by nature or fate.” An Ironman or any endurance event takes patience, determination, willpower and mental toughness that sometimes even you doubt. Yesterday, I watched my athletes become first time Ironman, have 30 min PR’s, struggle through nutritional issues and learn from their anxiety. Success can be defined in so many ways; I think success in life is having a positive impact on the lives of people by inspiring them to think and act in ways and accomplish goals they may not have thought possible. Helping others to achieve their dreams in life. Congratulations Brian Bohrer, Steve White, Erin Jackson, Lori Drake and Billy Loyd for allowing me to help you grow as a person yesterday. I am so proud of you. Congratulations to Erin Green, my Ironman buddy and Stephanie Crewson getting it done. Now we rest :-))) Can’t wait to talk to everyone today andRyan Redd and I shared some awesome phone time yesterday. To the some best sherpas ever, Ryan, Shawn Rhodes and Jacqui White. Y’all rock!”

Norseman 2015 – Thank you to Elisabeth Buer Rødø and the Warner Family for Rockin’ Without Limits!


 Stay in Touch with the Water Junkies

(Kristen and Jenny on their way to OTILLO World Championships!  Click here to read their Blog.

CONGRATS IN ORDER FOR Carolyn Kratz – won the Gran Fondo 55 – miler by having the fastest time in the 2 timed sections!  Way to go with all your hard work!

Congrats to Colin Jones from Raleigh running the Beat the Heat 5K with a course PR of 17:05!  Keep improving Colin

UNC Wellness Sprint

Mark Dillan – 11th overall and 3rd overall AG 35-39 beating his new Rival Shay Hutchings (4th overall AG 35-39) who has his number.  Shay is on his way to Steelehead 70.3 this weekend!
Phillip Davis 3rd overall in his AG 55-59 training for IM florida – he still PRed in a sprint during IM training!

Battle at the Border

Congrats to the Wilmington Road Runners Club who defeated the Grand Strand Running club for year number 2!  Lots of Without Limits runners in there grabbing some points!  Tay Filer, Colin Hackman, Jeremey Snodgrass, Mason Schettig, Brittany Copeland, Leanne Johnson, Rocco Quaranto, Julie Throo and Allie Shofe



LAST AND FOR SURE NOT LEAST – Congrats to Charlie Engle for his amazing Accomplishment in Ecuador in the 4 desert series!  Charlie has trained for this for a long time, more details will come in the next Without Limits Newsletter on August 15th.