2014 By The Numbers

It’s been an amazing year! I’m not sure if there was anything useful to be said that I didn’t say in person to everyone, but here’s some pretty cool info that puts everything we do into perspective.

Understand that as an athlete, I don’t have a power meter. I rarely wear my Garmin and I’m usually with friends in the pool. Most of my training is done by time and without pace or power and just by feel, so when Vince of the StarNews asked me to keep a log for his stories, I was intrigued for many reasons. One, to see if I could watch the numbers and two, to see if what I thought about my time management really was true. See, this life and game of triathlon is all about balance and making friends with certain times of the day that can be “grumpy” friends. But, if you want it you can make it happen!

I love my athletes. I love watching others achieve their goals. I love the sport of triathlon, and I love racing, too!

Life is about adventures and living it, and 2014 had some great moments. Everyone can make it happen. So, here is 2014 “by the Sami-Winter-Without-Limitsnumbers” with some other interesting tidbits thrown in the mix. Hope your 2014 was a successful, bright and sparkly one filled with  adventures, laughs and great friends and families!

Work total (not including driving time or phone time) | 2,751.5 hrs/year or 57.5 hrs/week

Veterinary Work | 1564 hrs/year or 130/month or 32/week

Coaching Without Limits | 1187.5 hrs/year or 98 hrs/month or 25.5 hrs/week

Volunteer Work* | 448 hrs/year or 9 hrs/week
*This includes Pink Ladies, B2B Committee, Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon, Susan G. Komen, Holiday Flotilla and Women of Hope Benefit. This doesn’t doesn’t include school visits, high school senior project mentor and others!

Training | 521.85 hrs or 10.8 hrs/week

168.4 miles of swimming with average of 3.5 miles/week
4888 miles of biking with average of 101 miles/week
933.43 miles of running with average of 19 miles/week
27 Half Ironman and Iron Distance Finishers in 2014

23 Races that Sue Bark did this year, and 14 Trips to the podium

19 Athletes that crossed the Ironman finish line

11 Century Rides

10 Triathlons completed…It’s all about that finish line

9 Disney Races that Pam Keenan participated in 2014

5 furry friends that always made sure I got up in the am!

3 swim events completed. Ha, who knew! (US OW Championships, Pinehurst Relay,B2B relay)

3 Setup Events series Top 5 athletes

3 Ironman events completed this year


PRICELESS = The number of hugs and laughs shared with all of my athletes. That is something that cannot be quantified and I am thankful for all of the talks, discussions on training, coffees, and gels along the way.

You are my inspiration and my rock!