Angela Purvis

The Low-Down on Coach Ang AKA Love Uplifted Lady

Angela Purvis (Love Uplifted Lady) – Is a Run Coach, LoveUrLife App Creator,  Fitness Guru, Nutritional Specialist, and a well rounded professional in many modalities of health and wellness. As a once Elite-Level health coach helping her over 215 clients navigate life, fitness, and nutrition, she found she loved to be the coach she never had and influence others to lead a lifestyle that they truly love.
As a life long competitive athlete in many sports she started dominating USATF as an Olympic hopeful by 15 in the events such as 100m, 200m, 4×100, 4×200, and 110 hurdles. she saw first hand what being coached was all about, and she quickly seeing a niche for adding compassion, true customer service, drive to all she encounters. Over the years she transformed from a sprinter into a 50 miler ultramarathon runner. Loving every mile and race distance in between.

What he Coaches:

Walk 2 Run, Level 1, and assists at all levels.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Apple Crisp

What are your top songs on your playlist?

Lizzo – Love me, Headphone – Bandz & Ranz
Lose ya – Dirty Radio, Freedom – Kygo

What are your favorite Events?

Ohhh this is tough
200m sprint & 50miler Ultras

What is your mantra?

“I believe life is exactly what you make it and every moment you have an opportunity for positive change. As a coach I meet my clients where they are and encourage them to see the strength, speed, and success that they already possess. We get through the finish line together and help them enjoy the process from the day they start. I remind them that every champion has a beginner story, so let’s get to finding the champion in you.”

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