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Without Limits practices are based on BEHAVIORAL SYNCHRONY – When people work together their brains release mood-lifting, discomfort-suppressing endorphins, which in turn reduces the perceived effort of running, swimming, or biking under a given intensity.

At practices, our coaches set you up for success by creating structured workouts with other athletes at your level, that will guarantee improvement.

Set your next goal and let Without Limits put a custom program together for you!

Most practices are held in Hampton Park in Downtown Charleston. You’re guaranteed to have fun and work hard with our tough and talented Without Limits Charleston, SC coaches. They’ll help you to find it within yourself to reach any goal.


Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, SC Coaches

Chris Bailey

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Interested in individual attention or do you and a group of friends want to run together in a session?  Without Limits coaches can schedule a run workout, form assessment or 1 on 1 session to work with you or your group.

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  • How to Motivate Yourself for 2019 - Sign Up For a Race!

    By Without Limits Founder (and Coach) Tom Clifford. Experts say that most New Years Resolutions don't last because people de-commit to their goals just a few weeks after January 1st.  Why?  Are folks setting goals that are not realistic with their schedule?  Are people just not committed enough?  Are these…
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  • Without Limits Pull-Up Challenge May-August

    Our next team challenge is the Pullup/Chin Up Challenge. The challenge will run from TODAY through August 31st (approximately 16 weeks). GOAL - everyone in WOL do 1 pull-up alone with no assistance.  Encourage your teammates to do this together. MENS TIERS Tier 1: I've got some hair on my…
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  • Thank you Sponsors!

    Thank you Endurance Team sponsors for allowing us to grow as a team here in the Greenville area. We have been so blessed to have your support as we assist athletes of all ages and levels reach their personal fitness and athletic goals.        
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  • Without Limits partners with Eagle Point Golf Club for Championship Weekend

    Without Limits is proud to supply the Eagle Point Golf club's t-shirts, sweatshirts, and long sleeve tees for the 2017 Wells Fargo Championship held in Wilmington, NC!  Without Limits is an athletic brand that pushes athletes to EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE of sport and life!
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  • 2 Inspiring Stories from Without Limits Athletes

    Dean Denning Dean showed up to practice just over 6 months ago and never had run a step. He wanted to improve his overall health by running. Dean's first practice was litterally 1 lap on the track of jogging the straights and walking the curve. Dean showed up to practice…
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  • What is Cycling FTP?

    What’s FTP? If you’ve been around folks who train with power on the bike, one term you’ve probably heard is FTP. So let’s break it down. First, we’ll look at the acronym. FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power. In simplest terms, FTP is the amount of power (measured in watts)…
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  • Increasing Training Volume

    Have you heard of the 10 Percent Rule for increasing your weekly running mileage? Most runners have. It’s a nearly universally accepted way of boosting your training volume. It simply says that you should add no more than 10 percent per week to your total weekly mileage. But this “rule”…
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  • Strength Class - For the Multisport Athlete

    Without Limits is partnering with Tri-Fit Barbell in Mualdin for a weekly Strength class that is catered to meeting the needs of every level endurance athlete. Whether you are beginning a 5k training program, competing in the Setup Series, or looking to qualify for the Boston Marathon strength is a…
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  • Thank you Sponsors! YOU ROCK!

    Our Endurance Team has been given the opportunity to train as a team and compete as a team in several events throughout the year due to the help of our amazing sponsors! Pace Magazine - Pace Running Shop - Sports Club - Edgy Empire - Arbonne - Performance Therapy have…
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  • IRONMAN competitor disqualified after first-place finish

    WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Tom Clifford, an athlete at this year’s North Carolina IRONMAN triathlon, says he was disqualified because of changes made to the route. Clifford won the race by 11 minutes just to be told he was out of the race. He said he did not know he had to…
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The Without Limits Endurance team is an active and dynamic group of over 300 athletes from around the country who strive for education, excellence and above all, FUN.

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