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Meet Our Registered Dietitian

Diana Davis is originally from Brookville, Ohio. She graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics and completed a Dietetics Internship at Saint Marys Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota.

Diana has been a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist since 1983 and a Certified Diabetes Educator since 2005. Her expertise is in health improvement through healthy eating and regular physical activity for all healthy individuals and those with diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease, and weight concerns.  Since October 2018, Diana has been the “Nutrition Coach” and Dietitian/Nutritionist for the Without Limits team. She is passionate about helping her clients take small steps to improve their eating habits and to achieve their health and athletic goals

Not a Without Limits athlete? Not a problem! Nutrition services are available to all who are interested, athletes and non-athletes alike


Getting Started

Individuals who are interested in learning more about nutrition options can request a free 15 minute phone call with Diana on the Without Limits App or by contacting Diana via email at to schedule a time to discuss their nutrition goals.  GET STARTED TODAY Fill out this form to set up your free 15 minute phone call. 

New Clients

New Clients begin with a one time 1-hour Initial Nutrition Consultation which includes a complete nutrition history using food journals or food recall, evaluation of current eating habits and recommendations for any changes needed to achieve the client’s nutrition and/or athletic training/racing goals. This comprehensive service is recommended for all new clients. $100 (includes a detailed nutrition plan, sample menu and a follow up email. $100 (includes a follow up email) Click Here and fill out the form to get a free 15 minute call with Diana.

Established Clients

Established Clients (those who have previously received a 1-hour Nutrition Consultation) may request a 1-hour Nutrition Coaching session on any topic such as general nutrition for healthy eating and weight loss, nutrition and hydration plans for marathon/ultra-marathon or triathlon, carbohydrate loading plans, race day nutrition and hydration plans. $60. Click Here to fill out a Get Started Form to sign up for this service.

3 Month Weight Loss Nutrition Program

Our 3-Month Weight Loss Nutrition Program is individualized to meet your needs to fuel for training. You will be set up with a meal plan that provides a moderate energy deficit and enough protein and good carbohydrates to build and repair lean body mass while promoting fat burning. You will meet with Diana, our nutritionist, on the phone or face to face (depending on your location) once per month to go over the following:

  • Create a weekly meal plan in month 1
  • Explore better choices in your favorite grocery store in month 2
  • Develop or expand skills in staying on track at your favorite restaurant

For a FREE 15 minute phone call with Diana click here and fill out the Get Started Form or email
$220 for all 3 months and ongoing support and accountability.

On-line Nutrition Coaching

This program is great for clients who live outside the greater Wilmington area or are too busy to schedule meetings. This comprehensive program provides everything you need by email* $100 per month

*Menus, Recipes, Restaurant suggestions and New Product recommendations

*Weekly short email assessment and nutrition assignment specific to client’s needs or training cycle

*Monitoring of food diary on either My Fitness Pal or Lose It and recommendations for eating to meet stated goals

*Communication as needed by email, text, or the above-mentioned apps

4 Week Menu and Grocery Lists

Choose one of the following menu types and it will be sent to your email, along with corresponding grocery shopping lists

1) No Added Sugar Meal Plan for Weight Loss – women

2) No Added Sugar Meal Plan for Weight Loss – men

3) High Protein Balanced Training Diet

4) Gluten Free Training Diet

5) Vegetarian/Vegan Training Diet


What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, Diana has been changing lives for many years and not just with runners and triathletes.  Diana wants to help ANYONE change their life by eating better and feeling better.  When we feel good, we have no limits.

“June 2016, I began having some health complications that increased my frequency of blood test from annually to semi-annual.  My blood sugar was one of a few things that was not in line.  The feedback provided by my doctor was to avoid carbohydrates and white starches.  I tried this, but I needed carbs to fuel for endurance events.  Trying to formulate my own diet to sustain my activity and positively impact my health was not working.  In the summer of 2017 while training for IM Maryland, I enlisted the help of Diana Davis.  She helped me plan my nutrition by breaking it down into total calories needed.  To meet those calorie requirements, she calculated the percentages of protein, carbs, and fats that I needed to consume to meet my training and health goals.  She provided a guideline that was specific about how much of any food could be eaten and stay within my protein, carb, or fat limits.  With Diana’s help, I have been able to keep my blood sugar in line.  Not only have I seen a positive influence on my blood work which has helped me steer clear of medications, I also lost a few pounds.  Working with Diana and following the nutrition plan she helped develop has been a win-win!!”

Walt Greer

In the summer of 2017,  I attempted to run the Tri Span 10K and really struggled with race day nutrition.  As I continued with race preparations into the fall of 2017, I was having a difficult time with my running endurance and nutrition.  I really did not have a good solid plan and attempted NCIM 70.3 last October. Although I finished the event, I was not happy with my performance.  During that race, I really struggled during the run segment.  So in November of 2017 I met with Coach Kristen for the first time and started my journey to happier running.  I could really tell that I was becoming a much better runner with much improved leg speed and posture.  I set a goal to finish a half marathon in the spring without all the issues that plagued me during the run segment of the 70.3.  While training I could tell that nutrition was still an issue. I met Diana Davis through running with the Level 2 group and asked her for some nutrition counseling.  Based on her recommendations, I was successful in making changes to how I approached fueling and hydration in training and also in races.  By following the training plan and run coaching help from Coach Kristen and the nutrition counseling from Diana, I reached my goals in the spring and finished the Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon.  As I have prepared this summer for the October 13th  2018 NCIM70.3, Coach Kristen continues to guide me through Training Peaks each week for triathlon training and Diana Davis is working closely with me to make sure that my nutrition plan for the race is solid.  I am so very appreciative to these ladies for their dedication in helping me achieve goals that I never dreamed were possible. IAMWITHOUTLIMITS

Doug Hines

Back in March of this year, I met with Diana Davis to get help with my nutrition and fueling for endurance running.  With a long history of enjoying too many sweets and not getting enough of the “good stuff”, I felt help from a dietician would be useful.  Diana did a tremendous job of teaching me how to make the right choices and still enjoy food.  She also made me realize what areas of my diet needed improvement and what I was doing right. My training has improved and I’m sure the dietary changes are a part of that.

Pam Keenan

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