Matt Hammersmith

aka The “Hammer”

The Low-Down on Matt Hammersmith

As a lifelong runner, Matt’s always been impressed by those who want to improve personal fitness and overall well-being through physical fitness and nutritional awareness. An overall athlete and fitness guru, Matt’s competed at the local, state and national level in sports like cross country, track and field, wrestling, football and basketball. His passion and intensity is summed up quite perfectly here: “I have seen the outer limits of the human body and there is no better feeling when your body, mind, heart and soul are connecting on every cylinder and you transform your image into something that you have always wanted.”

What He Coaches

Director of the Greenville, SC Without Limits Branch and Levels 1- 3 Running Groups

Guilty Pleasure

Netflix, Settlers of Catan, Peanut Butter

Top Songs on his Playlist

Thunder and Lightning – We Were Promised Jetpacks; King Nothing – Metallica; Roar – Katy Perry

Favorite Events

10k Cross Country or the DMR 1200 Leg! Just nasty Ricky Bobby Speed 

Qualities The Hammer Admires In His Students

Matt believes that the human body can be any form of art that you choose, and with the right tools and knowledge, you can turn it into your masterpiece.” When an athlete has that frame of mind—success is really the only option.

Defining Moment In Matt’s Career

Matt hadn’t discovered his passion and pursuit of physical fitness until his athletic career outside of college sports began. It was only until training for marathons, road races and triathlons that the light went off: the benefit of being personally fit was going to be prevalent throughout the rest of his life. It was then that he recognized his passion to spread the knowledge, skills and experience about the “limits” of the human body.

Chat with Coach Matt

Accomplishments & Accolades

400 51.6
1000 2:26.4
1200 2:59
Mile 4:08.17
1000m 14:59
10000m XC 31:12
10 miles 51:12
20 miles 2:02
Marathon 2:31
50m 6:23
100 Mile 17:48
Tough Mudder 12 Mile 1:18