The Without Limits brand started in Wilmington, NC in 2007.  We manufacture casual athletic apparel, and we have a coaching division that focuses on adult endurance athletes and youth development.   Athletes have to EMBRACE THE CHALLENGES of life and sport. You have to listen to two voices in your head, the one telling you to keep pushing because you want it, and the one telling you to give up and to quit because it hurts. This relates to every day life in so many ways. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we are challenged for a reason, for a purpose.

Believe in yourself and say I AM WITHOUT LIMITS - Embrace the Challenge.™

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Our professionally trained and certified coaches design customized training programs tailored to your goals, in an individual or team setting. Realize your potential and grow with the expertise of our certified coaches.

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  • Run

    • Improve running performance at a healthy pace with customized training programs, virtually or in person
    • Three group levels based on running history, current fitness level and goals
    • Constant source of motivation, support and direction during regular training sessions

  • Bike

    • Track cadence, wattage, distance, speed and heart rate in real time
    • Customized training programs in our state of the art cycling center
    • Personalized attention and feedback on efficiency and style

  • Swim

    • Propel yourself to a healthier lifestyle with customized training programs
    • Practice recreationally or competitively with like minded swimmers
    • Master movements, find rhythm, enjoy the water and have fun

  • Tri

    • Train smarter with certified coaches to see your goal with more clarity
    • Robust personalized online training program including weekly mileage and volume
    • Convenient training technology that allows you to upload your regimen and progress via mobile devices

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Community News

  • Why Hire A Coach?

    WHY HIRE A COACH? There are lots of training books and programs online but what makes hiring a coach different? A coach helps individuals achieve their own, unique goals with the ability to adjust the schedule due to work or family life, injuries, age, and time. Training is not a…
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  • Without Limits Pull-Up Challenge May-August

    Our next team challenge is the Pullup/Chin Up Challenge. The challenge will run from TODAY through August 31st (approximately 16 weeks). GOAL - everyone in WOL do 1 pull-up alone with no assistance.  Encourage your teammates to do this together. MENS TIERS Tier 1: I've got some hair on my…
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  • TRI SEASON is here and WOL rose to the challenge

      St. Anthony's Coach Matt took 8th overall with his best performance at the St. Anthony's Olympic Triathlon! White Lake Half Triathlon Lawrence Landrigan had a very solid race and placed 9th overall and 4th in AG with a great time of 4:54:27. Impressive performance off 10 hour training weeks.…
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  • WOL Athletes Race Recaps- Cooper, Lake James, Boston and more..

    Cooper River Bridge Run “Get Over It!” was the big motto for Janet Coleman (1:08:02) and Chris Bean (1:06:21) and man did they! Great times and a perfect weekend filled with running, friends, and good times. Lindsay Dean has been working extra hard and it is paying off with a…
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  • Pistol Squats Give You A Powerful Stride

    Looking for a more smooth and powerful stride when you run? To do that many skills need to be expressed at the same time. Those skills being strength, efficiency, power, & coordination. How do you build those skills? By strength training. Here’s an exercise to help you get started. The…
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  • No Sugar Challenge

    Without Limit Endurance Team presented by Sheally Nationwide Insurance Group NO ADDED SUGAR CHALLENGE %FIRST_NAME% Monday starts 2018's first NO SUGAR CHALLENGE.  The challenge is 25 days long starting Monday April 9th through Thursday May 3rd (Port Land Grille Social) Many of us are not aware what has added sugar…
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  • Without Limits Wilmington April Newsletter

      Race Confident and in Control Racing is the act of your preparation and training. Part of the Without Limits workouts and training programs are to develop self-belief so you arrive at the starting line feeling confident and ready to enjoy your race. Some athletes are better than others at handling stress…
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  • A Speedy March Race Season

    Without Limits athletes have set the mark for 2018! Excitingly, the WB Marathon welcomed fellow WOL athletes from all of our locations (Wilmington, Leland, Charleston, Greenville and Columbia). It was incredible watching you all race strong and confident! WOL athletes raced against, with and in support of each other… proving…
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  • PR SECRET WEAPON: Mobility + Range of Motion

    As a runner we are always looking for the next big thing. That “special something” that is going to make us faster and stronger…. things we can do to help us tackle our next PR or podium spot. Runners have a wide range of tools in their belts. Intervals, speed…
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  • TIPS For When Your Race Day Form Falls Apart

    Coach Maleia goes in depth on "If your form starts to fall apart during a race". Check out her  great list of tips and put them in your race day "back pocket". "When I was running a 50k in January, there was a specific spot on the course that my…
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