Embrace The Challenge.

In endurance sports you have to EMBRACE THE PAIN, you have to listen to two voices in your head, the one telling you to keep pushing because you want it, and the one telling you to give up and to quit because it hurts. This relates to every day life in so many ways. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we are challenged for a reason, for a purpose.

Believe in yourself and say I AM WITHOUT LIMITS - Embrace the Challenge.™

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Community News

  • August Wilmington Team Blog | Read to see what commitment and consistency can do for you!

    Can you imagine getting motivated without all of “us” around to help? Well, two superstars had some solid races: Shay Hutchings found the San Fran hills to be a great way to show off his bike speed in his first Tri since surgery. The Oakland Triathlon Festival was a great…
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    We all want to get faster but a lot of the time we are very busy with other stuff.   There are several ways that wont take much of your time but will help you run faster. Our coach Victoria Hammersmith recommends these 5 components of her training program that…
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  • Team Work is the Theme For this July Blog

    Tri Span Record temps did not stop these folks from jumping in the 34th annual Tri Span 10K and 5K. Jaime Whitmer - 1st place overall PR 16:22 Ashley Frank- 1st place AG win! Sue Bark - 10K Shawn Horton - 10K Dakota Fosky - 5K Anthony Enoch - 10K…
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  • Weight Loss for Runners

    As many of us look to PR this fall season we are all probably struggling with the same thing. WEIGHT! How can I get it off!? How can I keep it off!? And what does it mean for my goal time!?  Well the answer to that question varies from person…
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  • Charleston Results Blog – April/May/June 2016

    It has been awhile since our last update from the Without Limits Charleston team, but that doesn't mean they haven't been busy! The team continues to grow with athletes targeting a wide range of goals and events. Some of our athletes are building a foundation with their running and fitness, some…
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  • Fall Training Plans for Spinx Run Fest - Savannah Rock n' Roll - Myrtle Beach & More

    It is that time of year again! We are all looking at our fall calendar choosing the right race to get ready for. We have now designed a training plan and program that will meet a 14-16 week training block for any level of athlete. Whether this is your first…
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  • Wilmington Races into June!

    "Belief in limits creates limited people. DON'T LIVE BY LIMITS, LIVE BY POSSIBILITIES! Constantly question what others might say about what you can't do, where you can't go. If you want it bad enough, are willing work hard enough, and refuse to take no for an answer then you will…
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  • What does "Good" Running Form Feel Like

    Written by John Davis In past articles, we’ve looked a lot at what good form “looks like,” objectively speaking. You don’t want your hips dropping on foot strike, or your legs crossing over the center of your body, or your stride frequency to be too low. But all of these…
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  • How Without Limits Coaches Embrace the Challenge!

      Matt Wisthoff A few years back, I was given the opportunity to race for a team in the Bundesliga Triathlon Series (an elite German tri series). All of the races in this series are ITU elite style draft legal format, which I had experience in over the years, so…
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  • June Kicks off with Tons of Endurance Team Success!

    Raleigh 70.3 Raleigh was a scorcher this year and it went one way or the other with athletes at this race.  While tough, the positives that come out of the event are life lessons.  Failure to reach a goal for some is part of long term success and part of…
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