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Our understanding of what the human body is capable of takes new height at every training session, and our apparel matches the quality of our athletes. They’re tough. They’re resilient. They’re innovative. And they’re elite.

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Without Limits executes all aspects of events – from product design, branding and delivery.



We are a brand that represents a healthy, happy limitless lifestyle.


Make the Most of Every Mile

Our professionally trained and certified coaches design customized training programs tailored to your goals, in an individual or team setting.

  • Run

    • Improve running performance at a healthy pace with customized training programs, virtually or in person
    • Three group levels based on running history, current fitness level and goals
    • Constant source of motivation, support and direction during regular training sessions

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    • Track cadence, wattage, distance, speed and heart rate in real time
    • Customized training programs in our state of the art cycling center
    • Personalized attention and feedback on efficiency and style

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  • Swim

    • Propel yourself to a healthier lifestyle with customized training programs
    • Practice recreationally or competitively with like minded swimmers
    • Master movements, find rhythm, enjoy the water and have fun

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  • Tri

    • Train smarter with certified coaches to see your goal with more clarity
    • Robust personalized online training program including weekly mileage and volume
    • Convenient training technology that allows you to upload your regimen and progress via mobile devices

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  • Without Limits Apparel has taken our race to a new level. Now our athletes can enjoy their experience well beyond our event weekend. The amount of times we have seen our race apparel in the last year is countless. We have gotten emails, phone calls, and social media posts from participants saying how much they loved the apparel and appreciated what they were given. Without Limits Apparel was worth every penny. Our happy participants and marketing return has been truly priceless.- The Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon Committee
  • I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that we have received so many compliments on the gear that Without Limits supplied for BoneislandTri! In fact, we had nothing but compliments on the gear! We have had athletes say “Whoever you are using for gear, keep using them & don’t change!” As a race director, this is the best possible outcome for our event and it is thanks to everyone at Without Limits! Without Limits knows what the athlete community is looking for and most of all, what they think is quality! The T-shirts, Jerseys and Finisher’s Jackets were spot on! The graphics and style are rockin'! The gear presented made our first year event effort look like a seasoned veteran operation! Without Limits was truly the highlight of our modest first year expo! The Without Limits Team has been so easy to work with. Their experience with producing events helps tremendously. I am sincerely convinced that there is no other apparel team out there that would have been as understanding and helpful when it came to our needs and our specific issues! Thank you! Without Limits has our highest recommendation! If you are another event owner/organizer/director, select Without Limits for your apparel & gear needs now! Have one less thing to worry about.- Rich Langdon, Race Director Bone Island
  • We made the decision to move away from our traditional apparel company at PPD Beach2Battleship in 2012 and it could not have proven to be a more positive choice. Without Limits took our athlete gear and merchandise to a whole different level when compared to typical race gear. From the beginning, their attention to detail and professionalism made us feel safe in our decision. Moving away from typical tech shirts was something we approached with apprehension at first. After meeting with the team at Without Limits, we quickly realized the products they were presenting HAD to be on our athletes. The cuts, the feel, the designs were cutting edge and something not found in the racing event market. Without Limits created an entire look and feel for our event, and our athletes took notice. The positive comments have been pouring in from our athletes and our merchandise profits were the highest in our 5-year history. If asked if another event should consider Without Limits apparel, I would say 100 percent. If you want your event to stand out and your athletes to leave in awe of their swag, Without Limits is the company to choose.- Jeremy Davis, Event Director PPD Beach2Battleship
  • Even though I didn’t make my time this year, I got one of the best race shirts I have ever seen! With that and my first tube socks EVER, I’m good! Great race, guys!
  • This race also had the best t-shirt and – even better – socks!! Thanks so much!
  • WOL Gear: The softest running clothes you’ll ever wear. Then I thought about it again. They are also the softest running clothes you’ll ALWAYS wear. I thought of these while sporting my Wrightsville Beach marathon t-shirt AGAIN. Seriously. Best. shirt. ever.
  • My son went to one of your run clinics at TrySports and you gave him a Without Limits shirt. It is the BEST shirt in our house…we fight over it! Great feel and texture.
  • While you’re still in the planning stages for 2013, I want to put a vote in for the same type of t-shirt as 2012. I LOVE that shirt!! I haven’t kept a race t-shirt in years, but wouldn’t part with that one. Please bring it back in 2013.


  • We Train to Race and Race to Train - Great Weekend!

    Ray Underhill spent the last two years of his life battling a chordoma brain tumor. Despite the conditions debilitating effects, Ray maintained the kindness and strength he was known for. He was an example to his family and to his friends of what it means to be a father, a husband, and a friend. Throughout his ordeal, Ray never let his spirit succumb to the cruelty of the condition.  If everyone in the world were just a little more like…Read More
  • Myrtle Beach, Uwharrie, Whistle Pig, Masters Swim , Run-In Series - Results Galore!

    "When they’re used correctly, your failures hold very valuable lessons for you, lessons that contain the ultimate keys to your success. Failures provide you with valuable information about your weaknesses, about what you did wrong, about what you need to work on for next time. This kind of feedback is absolutely critical to you getting better in your sport and reaching your dreams." Dr. ALan Goldberg   Masters Swim Championships Allie - 100yd PR 1:12:35, 11th in the 50yd, 4th…Read More
  • Athletes Shine at Beethoven 15K, Texas Half and Atlanta Hot Chocolate

    Texas 13.1 Shannon Maus traveled to Texas and had an awesome race with a time of 1:39:15 2nd overall in age group!  REPRESENTING! Beethoven 15K Tim Nichols and Jenny Perrettet took overall male and female. Tim Nichols  52:14 PR Erik Rassmussen - 52:54 2nd overall Jenny Perrettet 53:32 PR Adam Rose 1:00:45 - 2nd Age Group 35-39 Mark Austin 1:02:27 Shawn Wellersdick 1:03:41 - 3rd Age Group 40-44 Mike Duncan 1:04:31 PR Thom Porter 1:05:21 - 1st Age Group 50-54…Read More

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