Wrightsville Beach Marathon Results Blog

Huge thank you to all of the volunteers, from the WOL athletes to your family and friends!  We couldn’t do it without you.  And while we are congratulating the athletes, let me Congratulate Holly Cunningham, Angela Leonard, Kathleen Lawless, Eddie Buchanan, Shawn Rhodes, Marla Engrahm, Mike Nichols  and Ty Rabon for dedicating their entire day to making this happen.   Yes, their entire day and many preceding!  So many others at key locations, as well, but your teammates made this happen!   Thank you, thank you to all of my key volunteers!!!

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Erin Hogston 2:58:09 – Erin ran fast and took first female overall in memory of her father

Karen Eckberg – 3:01:35 – Returned from having a baby and crushed it!

Matt Hammersmith 3:05 pacer – M and Aaron Kolks  3:05 pacer were spot on in their pacing and actually placed well too!

Travis Lukasik 3:05:33 – Giant PR for travis – we are all amazed at his dedication!

Allie Kassens – 3:06 – 1st masters overall and a great strong race!

Keith Parrella 3:11;26 – Keith PRed with a big day

Bridget Phillis 3:12:17 – 2nd Masters overall and never gave up when her feet were blistering

Donnie Norris 3:13:33 – Always pulls a fast marathon out of nowhere, unreal!

Rocco Quananto – 3:16:29 – A dad, full time business owner – still gets out and shows guts

Rolando Garcia – 3:17:56 – 1st marathon!

Josh Whitley – 3:23:16 – 2 min PR and is excited to break 3:20 in the future

Adam Lauber 3:32:43 – BIG PR

Jeremy Snodgrass 3:17:42 – Got dehydrated but still pulled through

Shawn Horton 3:31:46 – PRed over 10 minutes!

Rob Reynolds  3:32:15 – Learning to pace, but still got through to the finish

Peyton Chitty – 3:34:00 – PR and closer to his BQ


Marty DeJoseph – 3:44:49 – Not his goal, but got to the line healthy and ready

Faye Fay – 3:45 pacer – She was perfect as usual

Charlie Jackson,  1st marathon.   Awesome .  Super proud of you

Meghan Patel:  4:06 and huge PR post twins!!  You crushed it Young Jedi

Ryan Redd 4:16:37:  Tenacity of spirit!

Erin Jackson – 4:16:37:  Proving that running with friends is the best ever!

Leah Blakeley – 4:44:02 – FIRST MARATHON EVER!!  Nice work girl

Erica Svab 4:17:09 – overcame some late minor calf issues leading up to her debut full marathon.

Allison Shofe – 4:17:14 – Paced her friends smiling

Diana Davis 4:19:34:  1st in AG!!!  Wahooooo…..

Brooke Meyers – 4:24:10 – Finished smiling!

Lisa Kerr 4:24:00:  Huge Ironman plans this year!  

Erin Collins – 4:24:11 – She will be running for life since she has the free entry for life!  Awesome job Erin

Brian Eber 4:46:05 – PR! Had his family there for some amazing support!  Congrats

Camille Mckeon – 4:27:04 – 3rd in AG.  Trained strong and raced awesome.  Proud of you!

Sherman Criner – 4:28 – decided to do a marathon the day before the race!  That’s Sherman

Jim Finley  4:33:01 – After battling injury, he finished strong and happy

Ron George – 4:56 – Ron’s first marathon and he met his goal of going under 5 hours.  His hard work paid off

Charles Buckland  5:01:13:  With 2 marathons in 2 weeks;   the ultimate Rockstar

Sue Bark 5:27:52:  Bringing home some hardware with 3rd in AG

Dina McGrogan 5:34:13 First full!  Solid training = Solid RACE!

Anna Maltby 5:53:39:  #1 Full Done!   In fine fashion

Joanne Harcke 4:19:00 – Determination Joanne!

Brianne Jablow 6:05:44 First full! Strong finish and was still smiling coming down the final stretch!

Lauren Stephenson: Taking down two portions and getting it done! Carrie Cheatham and Christine Bean to complete the 26.2 RELAY in a great time and FUN FASHION !

Shannon Maus:  Crushing her portion of the relay and bringing home 1st in the Female Relays!  Natalie Turner…awesome job


Erik Rassmussen – 1:18:58 1st masters way to return to shine Erik

Henry Cherry – 1:28:13 – Had a great build up and made sure we had enough water at the finish line!  Thanks Henry and great race

Leanne Johnson – 1:28:37 1st AG – Returned with a solid time after the 50K

Shawn Wellersdick – 1:29:31 – Getting Boston ready and raced SMART!

Todd Rodzik – 1:30:33 PR – Perfect race by Todd, the work horse!

Mark Austin:  1:33:05 – Sticking to the plan;  Now you Rock and Boston is on the radar!

John Cockrum: 1:33:07  Great day getting a tempo in!  Boston bound

Dakota Fosky – 1:34:36 1st Half Marathon post collegiate running

Tracy McCullen – 1:36:26 Great training run to Boston

Scott Perry – 1:37:06 – just returning after a procedure, great work Scott

Mark Dillan – 1:37:08 – nice race Mark after fighting some cramping issues in training, you came through!

Ryan Hilton – 1:40:33 Training for the big Boston

Phillip Brown – 1:35:36 – BIG PR for Philip

Jennie Mott: Putting one foot in front of the other!  Well done!

Jennifer Barker: Moved a whole house and still ran strong!  Killer

Myra Rasmessen:  Drops time and getting stronger!  Awesome job girl

Lindsey Hess: 1:38:40  Running a perfectly paced race heading into Tri Season

Tanya Null – 1:40:19  – HUGE PR (only 20 more seconds)

Walt Greer – 1:41:38 – Had solid run and a great way to celebrate his Birthday!

Phillip David – 1:42:18- part of his 22 miler training for Boston

Renee Zukerman:  Boston is in windshield…here we go!

Amy Kolk:  1st Half Marthon.  What an amazing athlete getting in the training.  

Pam Dieffenbauch: Nice work!  Ran to and from house + 13.1.  London Full what!!!

Sarah Horton:  PR and had a great time.  Nice work

Shelley Malloy – 1:43:44 – fought through cramping but got it done

Valjeane Estes –  Improvement from her half last fall. Her consistency is paying off!

David Buckner and Maddi Godwin Both first timers in half from Monteith. 1:57 for Dave and 2:27 for Maddi.

Lynda Smith:  2:08 with some solid running and on her way to her first 70.3

Patricia Jones:  Broke 2:00s with time to spare!  Big PR.  Proud girl

Susan Shafer:  Proving the comeback is possible post surgery

Kelli Kerkhoff:  She’s smelling Boston.  Great training.  Killer tempo!

Billy Loyd:  Finishing with a smile as always

Jen Bernard:  Way to get it done my friend!  Stronger every day

Ginny Cockrum and Leigh Robertson had awesome halves.  Consistently training hard at practice and it shows off on race day.  These ladies are always at 9am doing all of their extras!

Mary Margaret McEachern:  loves to run and it shows!  Great job out there!

Stephanie Morris:  Welcome to NC and awesome race!  Keep it up!

Nick Monroe:  Great run and way to keep a level head.  Stay strong

Alisha Murray:  Getting back at training and it shows.  Way to go!

Ray Caffee: Had a great run on a humid day!

Tucker Whitesides: Surprised himself and ran with a friend and easily came in at 1:47

Nicole Moss: PR and achieved the goal she set for herself!  Great running Nicole!

Bill McGee: Wishing him a speedy recovery as he had an Emergency on the course.  THoughts are with him.

Tricia B 2:38:31: Great run and enjoyed the moment…pain in her knee slowed her down some but still finished with a big smile!

Martha Weaver:  2:50:03 Great race!  Glad she decided to join in the fun!

Audra Heins 2:47:42 She can’t wait to join in the next half and finish even stronger!

Frances White 2:57:23 First of back-to-back races…up this weekend- Raleigh Rock-n-Roll Half!

Janet Coleman 2:28:45 On her way to sub 2:20 in the fall!  Have fun at the Cooper River Run!

Annette Carrico 2:51:13 Looked great on the course and held a nice pace! So glad to have you back in Level 1.

Russ May 3:05:22 Congrats! After missing last year bc of injury, glad u had a strong training season and race!

Katie Burgess 2:49:46 Beautiful finish line photo to match her spirits!  Great first half Katie!

Meagan Roderick 3:07:14 First HALF finish! Great training and finish Meagan.

Marianna Boucher 2:30:33 Always enjoys being out there running and stays positive 🙂  Great race!

Leigh Robertson 2:09:32 Fantastic finish Leigh!  Enjoyed training with you and having you at practice!

Beth Jaskolka 2:21:47 Glad she made it happen through nursing pf…ouch!

Gloria Kelly 2:54:05 Pulled off a great finish taking 5 min off her last half in the fall!

Ned Glascock 2:57:21 – Ned you will continue to improve every race!  Keep up the good work

Judy Williams did her best to finish despite being sick- made a smart decision at 8.5 miles to stop and nurse her fever and flu symptoms…learned that racing with the flu is not a great idea.

A huge thank you to all the pacers:

The pacers every year help lots of people reach goals or help them follow a race plan.  This year was a great example reading comments and blog post about them makes me realize how important they are to a lot of athletes on race day. THANK YOU!!

WRRC stepped up: Brenda Estlack, Rob Ward, Keira Sciance, Emily Huber, Greg Zinner, Rob Ward and Stuart Ross!

Grand Strand Running Club pulled through again: Misty Dion, Angela Boyd, Paul Boyd, Brian Povish and Murray Honick.

WOL pacers: Fay Faye, Aaron Kolk, Matt Hamersmith.

Other pacers: Aaron Gall, Dave Cockman and Sara Harmon

Komen 5K

Dean Denning  – Dean’s first 5K ever.  Dean got to the track 6 months ago and had never ran before!  Awesome work Dean.

Shawn Tunis – 23:04 solid time and ran with her Dog to fight breast cancer

1 mile

Katie Elzer-Peters jumped in to join the fun and surprised herself with a PR!  9:52 !!  Strong RUN!

A few other races going on across the country!   Congrats to Catherine Clement on her first 13.1 in many years and finishing the hilly San Francisco Half!   Speaking of firsts, Mary Riley ran her first race EVER!!!   The Elizabeth 8K in Charlotte and had a ball.  Two WOL Rockstars getting it done on the hills!

Anyone above deserve to be the Embrace the Challenge or Yoda Athlete of the Month of March?  Vote Below


Thank You 2017 Endurance Team Sponsors!

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