WOL Athletes Race Recaps- Cooper, Lake James, Boston and more..

Cooper River Bridge Run
“Get Over It!” was the big motto for Janet Coleman (1:08:02) and Chris Bean (1:06:21) and man did they! Great times and a perfect weekend filled with running, friends, and good times.
Lindsay Dean has been working extra hard and it is paying off with a fantastic time of 50:32.
Ty Rabon had a great 10k race in 45 min! Great job Ty.

Swim/Run Lake James
Susan Shafer and teammate Angela Nichols Leonard crossed the finish line (6:28:59) despite facing cold water temps and wet conditions. Two very tough women! Congrats on am amazing accomplishment.
Diane Berberian and teammate DJ Hayes crossed the finish line (6:33:30) together with smiling faces as Diane celebrated her 1 year anniversary of being cancer free and crushing goals.
Jose Gonzalez and teammate Brendan Doolan placed in the top 10 and crushed the course with a great time of 3:54:43. Nice job fellas.
Gary Stevens and Michael Treman finished with a 5:08:50 time, big smiles and are ready for round two. Congrats guys.
Misty Brown and Erin Green had a great time and did very well.  Nice work ladies! 6:01:17
Massimo Crudeli and Jennifer Barker did it!  Congrats on bearing through the cold! You guys rock.  5:05:53


Rock n Roll ½ Marathon
Francis White (3:14:32) had a great time running the streets of Raleigh at the rock n roll half marathon. You continue to push hard and accomplish your goals.

Cape Fear 16 at Riverlights
Coach Matt Wisthoff takes home the overall WIN! Congrats Coach. Not far behind him was Harrison Brown, who toolk 2nd overall, Lawrence Landrigan at 4th overall (1st in AG 35-39), Kyle Shepard at 5th overall, Mark Dillan at 11th overall and Rolando Garcia at 12th overall! That’s 6 WOL athletes in the top 20!!!! Other incredible WOl athletes included Corey Maarschalk who placed 2nd in AG 30-34 and Charlie Jackson who placed 4th in AG 45-49! Way to go team. Everyone had great races and

Hound Hustle 10K
Ned Glascock did the hound hustle 10K and had a ton of fun running with all the four legged furry friends.

Tinted Turtle 5K
Walk-2-Run athlete Donna Goyda had a great race with a time of 37:19.  That’s a 12:01 pace. Way to go Donna!

It was the most memorable and miserable year for the Boston Marathon. The weather was horrific, BUT our team still brought out their best performances. We are so proud of ALL the finishers who pushed thru the relentless conditions… 20-30mph headwinds and heavy rain!

Rob Ward lead the way with a HUGE PR of 2:54:50!!!
Coach Matthew Hammersmith was seconds behind him at 2:55:40 followed by Coach Colin Hackman at 2:57:37 PR. So many phenomenal race results included Travis Lukasik 3:14, Joshua Bautz 3:16, Keith Parrella 3:17, Beth Ann Soporowski 3:22
Ryan Hilton 3:22, Bronwen O’Shea 3:38:22 (30min Boston PR), Jacci Bean Patterson 3:38:33 PR (20 min faster than 1st Boston) and Edward McDermott 4:16.

Big props to all runners who finished especially from our communities of Wilmington, Charleston, Greenville, SC, and Columbia!