WOL Athletes are bringing the HEAT in October!

“I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.” – you

Congratulations to all our incredible athletes for an amazing start to October’s races.



Walt Greer
Mark Dillan YOU ARE AN IRONMAN Sub 13:00:00
Congrats to both these guys for training hard and competing in their first 140.6 distance!

From 10:53 to the very last finisher, WOL Athletes took the IRONMAN world by storm. In less than ideal conditions (45 mph wind gusts on the bike, hail on the bike and a 20+ degree drop), they proved to themselves how strong they were. Congratulations to Melanie Meadows who was our last official finisher, to Jen Bernard for completing her IRONMAN after 3 years, to Erin Green for her new legacy and to so many first timers! Other incredible finishes from Coach Sami, Ilene Schnall, Michael Jones, IronBOB Gibbons, Angela Leanard, Susan Shafer and Wild Billy Loyd were inspiring and fearless. Every WOL athlete not only accepted the races’ challenges, but concurred them with strength, determination and heart.
Without Limits took 2nd place in our Division!!!!! Way to go TriClub Team!

Ryan Redd, Anna Maltby, Charlie Jackson, Tim Gill, Holly Cunningham, Lisa Kerr, and Shawn Rhodes.


Congratulations to our very own Coach Kristen Jeno who coordinated and directed an incredible infamous race at Wrightsville Beach! And congratulations to all our amazing athletes who swam strong around the Harbour Loop (most of it against the current!).

Swim the Loop Athletes: Paul Quam, Jose Gonzalez, Joanne Harcke, Jennie Mott, Jen Devers, Katherine Cammack, Jennifer Barker, Coach Matt Wisthoff, Stephanie Morris, and Kyle Phillips.

 Mott’s Channel Sprint Athletes: Kyle Shepard, Phillip Davis, David McBRide, Alecia Williams, Lesly Jurado, Coach Tom Clifford, John Cockrum, Cate Piech, Sarah Horton, Lynda Smith, Holly Cunningham, Eileen Gonzalez, Kelly White, Anna Maltby, Val Estes, Beth Brampton, Bryan Haas, Lisa Kerr, Lauren Stephenson, and Alecia Williams.


Run for the Ta-Tas
What a fun race with a great showing of WOL athletes. It wasn’t just the HOT day that smoked the race… it was our rock star athletes. Congratulations to all our fast runners.

Peyton Thomas took the win with a 17:17 time! Way to go. Our very own Coach Victoria Hammersmith from Greenville, SC was the second female finish with a time of 18:05. And right behind them was Brittany Perkins,18:15, and Karen Eckberg, 18:34. This is a great start for Brittany who has a phenomenal season ahead. Karen is known for her long distance strength but showed everyone that she has a lot of speed too! Erin Hogston took it out hard and ran a gutsy race with a fast time of 19:09. Even with a wrong turn, Beth Ann Soporowski PRed with a 19:44 time…. amazing!
Other fantastic finishes included Kelli Kerkoff who placed 1st in AG with a time of 22:57. Jen Peterken ran her 1st race in a while and she took the podium with 3rd in AG 23:21. Myra Rasmussen placed 2nd in AG 24:28 and Allison Shofe got in there and supported the Ta Tas after her awesome 50K! Way to go girls.

Coach Kolk took 2nd place overall with a 16:19 speedy time! Behind him was the amazing Ray Soporowski who took 1st in AG with an 18:41 time. Kyle Shepard did the double: Ta Tas + Swim the Loop and ran 20:39 (3rd in AG)!!! Now that’s #DoWork.
Other great race finishes included Peyton Chitty who PRed with a 20:43, Eddie Buchanan’s huge race with a 20:46 time, and Shawn Horton chipping away at the 5k with a 21:16.
Tracy McCullen took 1st in AG 21:47, followed by Todd Midgett 3rd in AG 23:22, Patrick Horning 2nd AG, 22:49, and Mike Duncan who’s back in action with a 23:45. Way to go guys!

Chicago Marathon
WOL athletes represented in Chicago!!!!
Congrats to Shannon Haggerty for not only completing her 2nd marathon, but doing so pain free! This marathon marked her one-year anniversary post-major leg surgery. With a long recovery and conservative training she still managed to PR. Way to go Shannon!
Congratulations to Todd Rodzik for his strong 3:27 time, and for qualifying for Boston!
Anthony Enoch ran his 60th marathon with a fantastic race time and fantastic race quote, “Respect the distance!”. Keep it going Anthony, let’s make it 100!
Congratulations to Dave Dupont who 1 year ago collapsed on the WB Loop and now is back, confident, feeling good and finished the Chicago marathon under 4:30:00!  Dave you are awesome and you are Without Limits.


Monster Dash
Congratulations to Jason Klaitman who ran the Monster Dash 8K in Durham with an awesome time of 31:08 (6:14 pace). Way to race strong and FAST!

Trail Run
Shawn Horton shut off the watch and negative splitted his 25K trail race!  This lead to Shawn finishing at his 5K race pace!!!!!!! Incredible. This is what happens when you run smart.

XC Masters Nationals
Alice Kassens SHOWED UP in Syracuse for XC Masters Nationals. With a top 10 finish taking 7th overall, Alice entered into new territory, breaking her previous record on the course when she was a teenager. Talk about WITHOUT LIMITS!

Allison Shofe was resilient in her latest 50K.  She showed us how to come back stronger, better and more confidant. That is how you do it!

International- Nigara Falls Half Marathon
Frances White just completed her first international race-the Niagara Falls Half Marathon!  She enjoyed the trip, and hopefully the race gave her confidence for her upcoming NYC MARATHON!!!  She is going to represent WOL well!!


Kyle Phillips scored a perfect 300 on his combat fitness test, finishing with a 2:52, 800 in boots!