Without Limits Team Results April into May


Lawrence Landigan traveled to St. Anthonys International triathlon which is one of the biggest triathlons in the Southeast!  Way to represent and get 12th in your age group!  Matt Wisthoff also traveled to St. Anthony’s. Unfortunately a sinus infection and a nagging knee injury kept him from a performance he was satisfied with.  Part of racing is learning from all of your experiences and applying them toward the next race!18197_10205174938446346_5296839322931151566_n

John Grooman tackled both the White Lake spring International and White Lake sprint getting 5th AG in the international and 8th in AG in the sprint.  After that he took 3rd overall in the CCORS #6 Mountain Bike  race expert 40+ division in Greenville, SC.

Ty Rabon and Renee Griffen both podiumed at White Lake Sprint!  Renee won her age group and Ty got 2nd!  NIce job to the training duo.
Steve Risley reached his goal of  a 2:45 in the international with some small hiccups.  Nice job Steve, getting stronger each race!

Congrats to Leslie Jurado, Jack Carroll, Steve Kenny, Brad Martin, Mark Locklear – 2nd AG and Shawn Rhodes

3rd in AG at White Lake along with Chad Towne’s team who took 1st place relay,11157434_10206363139375584_5958314935530443736_o

Up in Virginia Michael Enz broke 18 in the 5K for the first time ever!  Feels good to break that barrier- 17:58.  Allie is back racing 5Ks for fun, nice time on a rolling course!- 19:15 – Check out their pics of running in Alaska!

IMG_99531 IMG_07251

Rockstar Pam Keenan PR’ed her 10K time and won 2nd AG at the Tinkerbell 10K in California!!!  She also placed 2nd in AG at the Disneyland Tinkerbell 1/2 marathon completing her goal of making the podium for the Double weekend.

Coach Brian Bohrer goes sub 5 hours at the Kinetic Half Iron. Love that course! A solid day of racing and doing what he loves. Congrats too to Marla Marie Engrahm and she went sub 6 hrs on her very first ever 1/2 distance!!! I think she’s 11066550_10100169757187069_7524869220532491991_nhooked. Congrats Kinetic Rockstars! Way to go.

Jen Spanner Completed the Jordan Lake 2.4 mile OW swim challenge in super windy conditions on Sunday. 4th in AG

Caroline Kratz crushed it at the YMCA Master Swim Meet. With several PRs

Mike Duncan rolls out his first sub 20:00 5K at the Teacher Trot!  Huge breakthrough for Mike.  Jeremy hits his first 5K in a while running in the low 19s


Congrats to Susan Shafer who PRed at the Clemson Triathlon.  Congrats to Endurance Team member Diane Berberian for her awesome finish at the CAMTRI in Mexico.  Diane is a blind athlete and competes all over, WOL Athlete Maleia Tumolo is her guide.  Amazing ladies!


Over in Greenville, SC


Awesome Results these past two days from Greenville Athletes with NEW PRs around the board!

Coach Hammersmith was fortunate to win the Swamp Rabbit 5k in a time of 16:13.

Mitchael Todd Jenkins ran a 5k RD PR with a 16:38 and was closing in behind me! Great to see this kid develop into a future coach!

Rob Rivera making me look good as always with yet again another PR!

Cory Croissant coming off some early spring slips to stand solid on his 53 SECOND PR on what I call a fair and accurate course!

Mark Johnson is gaining confidence in the racing scene again following closely behind Cory for a solid performance ! Not bad for an old man!

Evan and Harrison racking up some trophies in the age group category!

Melanie and Maite Ray-Riverastaying in ZONE I for the whole race.

Frances Falkenburg knocking out a big PR! (love saying PR)

Brandon Lyko sticking to the plan and having watched him develop is going to be super cool in a few months (barring we don’t get a typical summer southern heat)

Stephanie Dawson running her PR and first time under 30 minutes for the 5k!

Audrey Cook placing 2nd overall at the Imove 5k this weekend in a new PR and 1 minute faster than she ran 4 weeks ago.

Jeanette Mohl running a 4 year PR and being 3rd place overall right behind Audrey! Of course I had to lead all Without Limits athletes with a back to back WIN this weekend at Imove with a 17 min XC 5k.

Jeremey of Set Up Events does a fantastic job as usual with the timing and Chad Carlson of Greenville Health System put on a great event!