Our Story

It started with a personal trainer with strong leadership experience and success at the collegiate level on a mission to improve the lives of others.

In July of 2006, triathlete Tom Clifford was making a name for himself in the personal training world when he was approached by various local athletes interested in specifically improving their running technique, stamina, form and performance. Tom ran with the idea of incorporating track workouts with personal training (pun intended, of course) in hopes of addressing the growing interest for running in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Tom watched as his early morning workout sessions steadily grew to include a variety of runners with a variety of goals. After realizing the affect these sessions were having on his athlete’s psyches, he realized just how much he missed the competitive nature of the sport. It was then that he decided it was time to get back into shape (as if he wasn’t already as a personal trainer) and begin competing once again.

As these coached running groups picked up steam, local trainer and athlete Kristen Smith began assisting at Without Limits Running practices. Since then, Without Limits has grown in all different directions: additional coaches, a variety of services including triathlon training sessions, running training, coached cycling sessions and swim sessions, as well a youth running programs. Without Limits strives to design workouts for all different running levels and skill sets, ranging from the beginner to the highly competitive athlete. The positive and diverse atmosphere of the program allows each athlete to move through these levels to achieve their personal goals.

To this day, though, the most amazing thing about the entire process has been how successful and fun team-centered atmosphere became. The runners encourage and challenge each other to “hit” their target paces during workouts, keeping each workouts fun and competitive.

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