Without Limits Challenger Tracy Bua Smith

Introducing our first Without Limits Challenger Tracy Bua Smith!  Check out Tracy’s interview below…..

What is your overall background – age, where are you from and family life?20151215_162949

Tracy was born and raised in Wilmington, which to us was a suprise, we don’t meet people who are actually from here often:)  She is 40 years old, with a husband and 5 children.  Yes 5 kids!  She is a busy mom.  She grew up playing basketball, volleyball, and softball and made it known to us that running was not on the radar at that time.  Since she was active when she was younger, she needed something.  She picked up running because it required no equipment and it was a way to break away from life for a time during her day.  It was her time.  Tracy started a blog in 2010, it documents her faith, family and her 5 homeschooled children.  She has been homeschooling since 2005 and that is her full time job. She was born and raised Catholic and involved at St. Marks.

A recap again on your new years resolution/reason for wanting to be a part of the challenge

Tracy says this is a personal challenge.  She ran the Quintiles Half is 2012 and wanted a new goal 3 years later after having her 5th child and being 40 years old.  When she saw the #withoutlimitschallenge on her news feed is was perfect timing.  This was a time when she could prove to her family and herself that hard work and consistent work brings great things in your life.

Tracy’s goal is to finish under 2 hours and 13 minutes, which would be a personal best!


Did someone motivate you to take the challenge, or was this a personal decision.

This was a personal decision Tracy says.  Last year her mom went through bone marrow transplant surgery for multiple myeloma, a type of cancer.  Running for her mom and motivation and she knew that taking a challenge with a coach would provide better accountability.

Have you ever had personal coaching before.

NOPE, just friends giving her advice, but really she would just step out the door and run.  She is excited to learn from previous experience and the challenging workouts to help her push to do better when she doesn’t think she can!  It is weird to be excited about that but it is human nature to want to improve and overcome challenges.

Have you ever ran the WBM marathon before – if yes, their favorite part – if no, looking forward to the most/have heard about from others

Yes!  Seeing all of the people and the crowds along the way is Tracy’s favorite part.  She had a few favorite parts actually, the scenery, and then NC State Wolfpack Aid Station were next on her list.  She loves running in races like this because there is always someone faster and slower, there are all types of people – young, old at different skill levels.  You never feel out of place, there is always a match for you to run with or work with to reach your goal.

Fun fact – something nobody knows about you, or hobbies

Tracy always wanted to be on the price is right TV show.  This was great and we all chuckled!  She isn’t so sure anymore without Bob Barker but would still take the opportunity.

If you want to follow Tracy besides here: keep up with her blog (A Slice of Smith Life) and blog: www.asliceofsmithlife.com