Without Limits Challenge – Week #4 (Charleston)

Our challengers are already a month into the #WithoutLimitsChallenge! Tara and Siobhan, like many of their Without Limits teammates, are training for the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k in early April. This week we check in with them to ask how they are feeling after four weeks of Without Limits Training.

Tara Marlowe 
This first month of training has been great, and I feel amazing! I am learning so much when it comes to preparation, training, and recovery. I am also learning about proper running technique. Even though I am only a month into the training, I believe that it is really helping me evolve as a runner.
I look forward to next couple of months of training, and adding in some races to see if I can set some new PRs. I can’t wait to see what is to come in the next few months as I continue with the #withoutlimitschallenge.

Siobhan Maize
The first month of training has reminded me how great it is to have a hands on coach and active ‘team’ to work within. I enjoy running with other people and pushing myself to try new things. I can’t believe one month is already gone! I’m looking forward to seeing my progression over the next two months.