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Race Confident and in Control
Racing is the act of your preparation and training. Part of the Without Limits workouts and training programs are to develop self-belief so you arrive at the starting line feeling confident and ready to enjoy your race. Some athletes are better than others at handling stress and pressure, but our coaches are here to help you handle both your daily life stresses and training pressures so you are able to put yourself in CONTROL; drown out the noise of external factors and shift your mindset to full CONFIDENCE on race day. You got this!
Join the Without Limits Endurance Team!
Have you started training for your late season race yet? We are now accepting NEW Triathlon Clients! It’s time to get rolling and train with us.
Our custom programming is a plan that will get you ready for your mid and late season races and is truly customized to your:
– Available Training Hours
– Race Schedule
– Athletic Level within each discipline
– Typical weekly schedule, including work and family
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Check out our in person and virtual training plans, practice locations and special offers and JOIN TODAY! The annual membership includes numerous discounts from national sponsors, a WOL T-shirt, social events, group training opportunities and more!


Without Limits Athletes have set the stage for an inspirational 2018.
While race season may just be starting, the WOL squad has already been busy racing and earning victories and podium finishes in both local and national races.
Check out your fellow athlete’s results and be sure to share your great race photos by tagging Without Limits on facebook and Instagram and use #WOLathlete !

  February Blogs

We will now be incorporating new exercises, stretching and mobility techniques at each practice as part of our Injury Prevention Series. Our goal is to always keep you healthy, fit and strong!

And check out NHRMC’s BLOG on Recovery as another great resource for injury prevention.

Integrating a Coach intomyour training the Without Limits Way

It’s been almost a year since I began being coached by Without Limits coach Aaron Kolk. At this time last year, I felt I was getting stagnant in my running. I wasn’t improving and I didn’t really have many people to run with in my neighborhood of Brunswick Forest. Aaron conducted a Running Clinic at the BF Fitness Center and the thought of being coached twice a week appealed to me. I could actually imagine me achieving a goal of completing the Dopey Challenge in Disney (consisting of 4 races in 4 days; 5K, 10K, half marathon and ending with a full marathon).

I’m normally uncomfortable breaking into new groups of people. However, Aaron welcomed me in his Leland group of runners and I soon became friends with many of them. I now have several friends who I can count on to train, race, and have fun.
In a year, with the help of Aaron’s coaching, I have improved my running pace; built up my endurance; quickened my cadence; bettered my running form; and learned how to have fun while running. Without Limits has helped me meet my goals of completing a dozen 5K’s, 10K’s, half marathons, and accomplishing my biggest goal of the year-The Dopey Challenge. I could not have done it without the excellent training, support and dedication of Without Limits coach Aaron Kolk. Thanks Aaron. I look forward to continuing with Without Limits and completing my next goal of running a 5K under 30 minutes.” ~ Leslie Payne, Leland Athlete.
You rock Leslie! It’s been an honor being apart of your journey.

Without Limits’s mission is for everyone to get fit and stay healthy. To push themselves out of their comfort zone, reach new levels of fitness and concur new goals. Our Walk to Run Program makes running familiar and fun, and our team practices take away the angst that is typically associated with running and training. Our Level 1 coaches will guide, educate and encourage you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.
Stepping into Health is a 3 month program.



Are you doing enough strength work on the bike? Are you working on mobility and range of motion? Strength on the bike is crucial for getting to the next level in cycling. When we say strength on the bike, it is a combination of safe plyometric exercises and big gear work. Triathletes ask us all of the time about cadence and where they should be training at. Training at a wide variance of cadence is the ticket to becoming a better triathlete from 40 to 50 RPM work (strength) to 100+ RPM speed work. You need to know when to do it, how to do it, and why you are doing it. Take your training to the next level with one of our certified triathlon coaches.

Nutrition Seminar
Our coaches will be offering a Nutrition Seminar on April 19th. Please email TOM@IAMWITHOUTLIMITS.COM for more details.

NC Triathlon Series
Without Limits is proud to be the official sponsor of the NC Tri Series!

Cape Fear River Lights (4/8) and White Lake International & Half Triathlons (4/21) are quickly approaching. Now is the time to make your final tune-ups, regain any lost focus and ride these races strong and confident with a big smile and a ton of pride!



WOL is proud to sponsor The YMCA’s YCC Road Race Series (4/28) and Teacher Trot (5/5) this Spring.
Please join us for these FUNdraising events in support of community health and involvement.

At Without Limits, we embrace this energy by sharing our love of running with young athletes. These opportunities are a great way to encourage healthy habits and instill the belief in young athletes that there’s “no limit” to the things you can do!

Without Limits Youth Cross Country Camp is July 14-19.  LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!


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You can still join the 2018 Without Limits Endurance Team but what do you get?

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