Winter Racing and Training in Full Effect | Wilmington Team

The grandest event of the year, The Tour de Sufferlandria did not disappoint. A mythical 9 stage bike event that included 14 hours of cycling in 9 days. With videos like Angels, Igniter, It Seemed Like Thin Air, it was a memorable week. Congrats to our Cycling Rockstars: Lynda Smith, Holly Cunningham, Lisa Kerr, Erin Green, Erin Jackson, Susan Shafer, The Austin Contingent of Caroline Bloom and Michelle Bonathan, Ren Rotondo, Misty Brown and Coach Sami. It was a display of perseverance and determination and a bit of craziness. Can’t think of a better group! Or stronger group! Or Awesome group!


We “Ignited” the Fire before “screaming so long”tour 2017 final v001
Day 2 was a doozie, but made us so strong
We found “The Way Out” and to the “Power Station” we climbed
Glad that line is done because it was hard to make a rhyme

Monday’s “Omnium” didn’t seem daunting on paper
Boy, when it was done we were hoping for a taper
Instead on we went and an “Angel “was with us
We cruised the Valley of the “9 Hammers” and it would have been better by bus.

Yoda made an appearance, “There is No Try” we must do
So we conquered “Hell Hath No Fury” and that left only 2
“Revolver” and more was the best yet we must say
But boy, “It Seemed Like Thin Air” could have been our day.

We are the kids of Sufferlandria, the strong and the brave
We run like the wind and swim under every wave
The Tri season is upon us and ready we will be
Channel your inner Sufferlandrian Wildebeest and that finish line you will see!


Shay Hutchings, takes 2nd AG at the Bay Breeze Half Marathon, in Alameda, CA and Catherine Clement runs her first 10K at the Bay Breeze 10K on her return to racing. California Rockstars in the house.

Wrightsville Beach Valentines 10K 

Coach Tom – won the 10K while pushing Grace.  Well actually Grace won:)
Erin Hogston – 1st overall female prepping for QWB Full – 39:24
Bridget Phillips – PR 40:41
Dakota Foskey – prepping for her first 13.1-  41:19 4th overall
Josh Whitley – PR and really becoming an amazing runner 41:47
Lindsey Hess: Had a great day with some hardware to boot! – 45:35
Jennifer Barker – 1st Master’s Female and a PR. Gearing up for Quintiles and doing great
Jim Finley- great effort leading up to his first full at Quintiles
Sarah Horton – 4th in AG and had a great time pushing the pace
Kelli Kerkhoff – 2nd Master’s Female. Doing great and training smart for Boston
Lisa Kerr: Taking 1st AG during the week of the Tour de Sufferlandria. Finding those run legs!
David Buckner: Great run in preparation for WB Half
Maddi Godwin: First 10k ever in prep for WB Hald
Leah Blakeley: Did awesome as this was her long run with a 10K in the mix!
Melissa Stillwell had a great training race for QWB Half.  Keep up the work Melissa
Holly Cunningham: Finding those run legs on a bike focused week with the Tour de Sufferlandria
Lynda Smith: Proving to herself how strong of a runner she is!!! Sub 9:00 min/mile kid and another Tour participant.
Susan Snider – new to WOL and really improving fast!
Christine Bean – 1st in AG! 7 min improvement from last year’s 10k!!
Tricia Bennett – Always positive and finished with a smile 😉 Strong finish and on track for a great half marathon in March!
Anna Maltby: The year of the fulls with some stops on the way!! A strong stop!!!! Building that power.
Katie Elzer-Peters – Continues to impress and work hard towards 13.1!
Carrie Cheatham & Annette Carrico– Glad you and Annette are back with WOL!! Nice finish in the 10k 🙂 Keep working hard – doing great!
Frances White– 2nd in AG! Gearing up for another half marathon and running strong- improving every week!


Alice Kassons ran a 5K on the track during marathon training in 19:06.  Great job Allie during a fatigued state
Hilton Head Marathon and Half Marathon

Hilton Head was a mentally tough course with very windy conditions but our guys pulled out some great strength running and hardware!

Chris Bailey – WOL athlete and WOL Charleston head coach won the marathon after a week of being sick.  2:45:12 solo effort
Tay Filer  – 1:24:15 Top 10 – 1st masters
Karen Eckberg – 1st overall female 1:29:39
Jeremy Snodgrass – 5th overall male and 1st in AG 30-34
Shawn Wellersdick – had a tough mental day but finished with a good long run.

Congrats to Beth Greer for a fantastic 12k race at the X-Treme Endurance Challenge. Hard work and extra attention to the details has kept her on the trails in training for a 50 miler in a couple of weeks.

Wishing a speedy recovery To Cate Piech.


Thank You 2017 Endurance Team Sponsors!

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