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Wilmington, nc

Without Limits currently offers in-person coaching practices in Wilmington, North Carolina, and we organize structured weekly practices in a team atmosphere that allows you to reach your running, fitness and racing goals.

Practices are held in the downtown Wilmington Historic District and at the University of North Carolina—Wilmington track. You’re guaranteed to have fun and work hard with our tough and talented Without Limits Wilmington, NC coaches. They’ll help you to find it within yourself to reach any goal.

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On a normal week our practice schedule would be the following:

Level 3 – Run
Level 2- Run
Level 1- Run
Mon: 5:45 pm Tue: 5:45 pm Mon: 6:30 pm Mon: 5:30a /1:30pm Mon: 5:45 am
Tue: 5:45 am Thu: 5:45 am Tue: 5:45am Mon: 6:15 pm Wed: 5:45 am
Wed: 9:00am Wed: 9:00am Tuesday: 6:30pm Tue: 5:30am  Friday: 5:45am
Wed: 5:45pm Th: 5:45am Thu: 6:30 pm Wed: 5:30 am
Thu: 5:45am Thu: 5:45pm  Fri: 5:45 am Wed: 11:30 am
Fri: 5:45am  Fri: 5:45am Thu: 5:30 am
Thu: 6:15pm
Fri: 8:30am

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