Wilmington Athletes Wrap Up A Strong Tri Season and Start the Running Season Out Strong!

“What an incredible way to wrap up Triathlon Season. Triathlon racing and training is a journey and it becomes embedded in our lives. We set an example for our kids, friends and families of what hard work and determination can do for us. Our sport can create synergy among friends and even our own personal race crews or Sherpas. Everyone becomes family in this sport, we see each other at races, we nod or have a beer afterword, then we go back to the Journey when we are done and get ready for the next one.” – Tom Clifford

Talk to your coaches today about a strong off-season. This is the perfect time to work on form, handling, transition and technique for all parts of the race.

Pinhoti 100 Miler
Keith Parella finished the Pinhoti 100 mile race in 24 hours. He tackled the highest point in Alabama while navigating over rocks, through creeks and across beautiful ridgelines! Keith is a BEAST!

WOL Track Meet
Tracy McCullen jumped in the WOL Track meet Tuesday and clocked a 5:48, 1 mile.  Tracy has never run a mile and went for it.  It was pretty fun and awesome to watch! Great job trying something new.

After suffering a bike wreck in Louisville, Lauren Stephenson came back two weeks later and finished IRONMAN Florida. REDPEPTION at it’s best. She had an incredible race and we are ALL so proud of you!
Joanne Harcke showed everyone what commitment and hard work means by becoming an IRONMAN with a fabulous finish.
Bob Gibbons raced his 21st IRONMAN in Florida. This is pretty incredible and inspiring. Keep on racing Bob!

Battleship Half Marathon
Beth Anne Soporowski brought home her first race victory and a personal best at that! She won 1st Female overall and clocked 1:26 for 13.1 miles!  Amazing and FAST! We are so proud of you.
And right on her heels was her husband Ray Soporowski who PRed with a 1:27 and is ready to tackle 26.2. Great job to the Soporowski Duo.
Allison Munford had a HUGE PR of 1:41:26 and crushed her goals. Well done Allison. Let’s set some new goals!
Renee Zukerman had a great finish and is such a strong runner. Congrats Renee on this half, and let’s work on your next great finish.
John Cockrum is back!  He ran a new PR of 1:29:54 and he is just getting into running season.  Awesome run. Excited to see your all your top results this season.
Donnie Norris is Without Limits. He crushed his goal and ran a 1:28:31. Not bad for age 54! Showing that there is no limits to what anyone can do.
Kyle Shepard has been working on progression and he did just that with an awesome time of 1:33:28.
Josh Whitley was under the weather the week before the race but it didn’t show! He brought home a new 1:33:59 PR. See Josh, it can be done even after a tough week of training.
Josh Adams decided last minute “he had to” so a 1:36:21 will do and a new PR. Last minute races can do that to you, congratulations.
Mike Duncan was also sick but still got out there and ran. Running sick is no fun, but at least you got 13.1 miles in, and a good seat/workout hopefully helped.
Congrats Chris Bean on another great day with a rocking time of 2:32:06! She is ready to race the Women’s half in 2 weeks.
Renee Zuckerman placed 1st in AG age 50-54 with a heck of a time of 1:45:53.

NYC Marathon
Congrats to all of you who ran NYC! There is nothing like running through the BIG APPLE and your pictures certainly displayed that joy and fun!

Kelly Moore ran her personal best with a big smile on her face the whole way. Great training leads to great races. Way to go!
Frances White had an incredible race. She perfectly executed her plan to come in at 6 hours even with a few stops to enjoy salsa dancing in Spanish Harlem, a sip of beer in Brooklyn, and high fives along the entire course … Congratulations!! Way to have fun training and racing. That is what it is all about.

Leigh Adams – ran with strep but still had a ball!

Shawn Wellersdick – got motivated in 2 weeks and decided to just jump in after registering way earlier in the year.  Running with no watch can be pretty fun eh?

OBX Half Marathon
Peyton Chitty placed 2nd in his age group and 30th overall with an incredible time of 1:33:09. He ran controlled for most of the course then raced the last three miles and tried to run down the first in age on the last 100m…. so close! BUT, he secured a 7 minute PR and feels confident going into Kiawah!

Level 1 race finishers at OBX had an amazing time!  Frances White never stops. She just completed the NYC marathon and 1 week later is enjoying one of her favorite races of the year. Audra Renee, Katie Elzer-Peters, Judy Williams, Gloria Kelly, and Brianne Leigh all joined in to finish the OBX half, making memories and new 13.1 finish times!

Our very own Coach Colin Hackman placed 1st overall with a rocking 31:58 time! Wow nice job coach!
And right on his heels was Josh Adams placing 2nd overall  with a 32:03 time. Great job guys.

Hunger Run
67 year old Fast Eddie Buchanan does it again running a strong 20:40. Way to represent for a great cause!

Friends School 5K
Brittany Perkins
had an awesome 17:31 performance and breakthrough race for the fall! Now it’s go time!
Karen Eckberg
had a tough week but still jumped in the race to turn the legs over with a respectable result, 18:51. Pretty awesome way to embrace the challenge Karen.
The new father of 3, Lawrence Landrigan, is still grinding his training with limited time, and raced a great 19:37 race. Nice work!
Tracy McCullen
once again bringing home a new 5K PR and his 1st masters!!! He had a great new time of 20:42.
Kelli Kerkhoff
also reached1st masters with a strong time of 22:29. Great training and great run.
Allison Shofe placed 2nd in her AG and found her fast feet with a speedy time of 22:49! Way to go!