White Lake, Boston Qualifiers, WB TRI and more Spectacular September Results

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White Lake Half

Congrats to Coach Tom 1st overall 4:19 on a Hot day – “This was a great trial run for me for IMNC 70.3, I am glad I went through the motions of the distance and learn 3 specific things I needed to modify before my A race. #1 Pre-race nutrition, #2 I needed to be in a slightly less aggressive bike position and #3 I will go back to my originial saucony killkenny road flats for IMNC 70.3.
Steve Risely – 2nd in AG 40-44 – great training race for IMNC 140.6 5:15:25
Jose Gonzalez – super fast half earning him a 3rd place in his AG 5:11:!6
Leanne Johnson – 1st in AG 35-39 – great training race for IMNC 140.6 5:17
Brad Southerland – meets his goal of breaking 6 hours!
Eileen Gonzalez – great training day and lands a 3rd place in her AG
Marcy Waters – 1st in AG 50-54 – great training race for IMNC 140.6
Windy Christy – finishing TRI season with her 2nd ever 70.3, nice job this year!
Trent Gattis – one of our computrainer guys!
Phillip Davis – 3rd overall Aqua Bike Division

White Lake Olympic

Brianne Leigh: Lots of lessons on her way to her first 70.3
Steve Kenny– First race of the season as he works towards IMNC 70.3.
Walt Greer – 5th in AG 40-44 – 1st Olympic Distance!
Coach Kristen – claims top 10 overall and 1st in her AG
Lauren Stephenson – great job pushing through with that heat 🙂
Jennie Mott – completes her 2nd international in training for her first 70.3
Charlie Jackson – 1st overall Masters Novice Male

White Lake Sprint:

Anna Maltby: Fighting her way back from her bike crash and feeling better every day
Lynda Smith: Who knew novices were so fast :-)? AG here we come…
Amy Kolk: Made the podium on her very first Tri ever!!! What a Rockstar! Now off to IMNC 70.3!

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Nicole Moss– Had a solid training run at the Holden Beach Half marathon. Solid training for IMNC 70.3.

Via Marathon

Congrats to Jen Peterken who qualified for Boston with a 3:42 on a HOT DAY. Teammate Shawn Wellersdick paced Jenn to a great consistent race!
Props to Travis Lukasik for his attempt at a BQ. Travis got stopped by the train in Allentown which hurt his chances for a BQ on top of the heat. Travis has the fitness and will be getting after it this fall!


Santa Cruz 70.3:

“The most beautiful 70.3, I have ever done and yes, it should be on your bucket list.”…As Coach Sami finishes #27. A 56 degree Pacific Ocean swim (and you could hear the seals); to 56 mile beautiful hilly ride; topped off with a 13.1 amazing and (hilly) run along the coast with the turn around at an amazing cliffside view. Shay Hutchings (faced his OW fears), Mark Austin (ran a solid day), Lindsey Hess (weaved her way through the bike course) and Coach Sami (ran her first 13 miles in 13 months and posted 8/80+ in AG) all posted solid races on the California Coast. What a fun, fun weekend!


Wicked Half Marathon

Pamela Dieffenbauch breaks 2 hours again! She used this race gearing up for her NYC marathon in Novembe

Savageman 70.3

Jack Carroll does it! He conquered this really hard course with a smile. Proud of your hard work and improved fitness man
Savageman Sprint: Sue Bark hits the podium!! 2nd AG at a hilly, hilly, but super cool race. Sue is Without Limits truly!

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Rev 3 Cedar Point

Congrats Coach Matt Wisthoff for his 2nd overall place in the pro field! Amazing race Matt!


Wrightsville Beach YMCA Sprint Tri

The true beauty of the day was seeing so many WOL members on the course smiling and racing. That was the Gift!

Coach Matt Wisthoff – 1st overall – Course Record and PR
Coach Tom Clifford – 2nd overall – Course PR
Harrison Brown: breakthrough race finishing 3rd OA

Erin Green -1st overall
Bridget Phillips – 2nd overall and 1st in AG
Lindsay Hess – 3rd overall (the week after her hard Santa Cruz half…often times the 2nd race is faster 🙂 Yes, ma’am.
Jennifer Barker – 4th overall

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Sarah Horton – FIRST triathlon ever! You rocked it out!
Lauren Stephenson – is feeling speedy and ready for Augusta – her relay with Roxanne did awesome
Brad Southerland – representing and having a great day, gearing up for IMNC
Stephanie Morris – back in town to have some fun racing
Beth Brampton – breakthrough on her swim leg and raced well!
Bud Woodrum – 1st overall age group 35-39 and course PR
Jeff Rooks – 9th in AG 35-39
Phillip Davis – 2nd overall 55-59
Katherine Cammack and Jen Spanner: taking podium spots
Great tri season Anna Maltby – Great race keep chasing down Jen and Katherine!
Lori Drake: 3rd AG and Ryan Redd making it look easy on the run
Katie Lewis IS BACK! Even though she was under the weather, we are super proud of Katie!
Yoda’s of the Month: The Dynamic Duo having huge course PR’s (Holly Cunningham and Lisa Kerr)
Besides 1st: WOL went 2nd place to 11th place in the Men’s 40-44…Ren Rotondo 2nd and Kyle Shepard 3rd AG; Coach Brian 4th, Steve Risley 5th, Mark Austin 6th, Ty Rabon 7th, Jason Klaitman 8th, Kyle Phillips 9th, Grant Meyers 10th, Brian Haas 11th, Mike Nicholes 15th, Walt Greer, Ron George, Scott Johnson and Tim Gill all ran their way to the top.

Mark Dillon crushed his personal best and is ready for IMNC 70.3
Julia McBride and  Brianne Jablow all had solid days training for IMNC
Marty DeJoseph ran his fastest 5K ever!!!!!! Wahoo!
Patrick Horning took 4th in his AG in the middle of IMNC training.
Ray Caffee– 4th in is AG with a fast field. Ray has come a long way this season as he preps for IMNC 70.3.
Cate Piech finished her first triathlon. A few months ago she was learning to run for more than 10 mins without stopping. Her hard work paid off and she is now a triathlete and shout out to Allison Shofe who is doing amazing in the water and preparing for IMNC 140.6!
Charlie Jackson won the 1st Masters Novice Division
Team Hogston won the overall relay division

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Kiawah Olympic Triathlon

Congrats to Coach Chris Bailey who is also coached by our Without Limits Coaches for his 5th overall finish. Way to set an example of success Chris!


Tour De Moore

Megan Stephens: IMChatty will be a piece of cake after this ride 🙂 Go get em!
Elizabeth Hinshaw
Erin Green
Marla Engrahm
Jen Spanner
Erin Jackson
Eileen Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez
Lesly Jurado
Allison Shofe


Blue Ridge Relay: Genie Griffin (Happy Birthday Genie) had a ball and ran a solid 18 hilly miles in training for her upcoming marathon. What a fun event Genie!

Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon: Congratulations to Frances White on the PR in her 14th Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon finish! Thankfully, the passing tropical system left behind much better weather for running. Frances, thank you for continuing to inspire all of us at WOL!

MS Ride: Ryan Redd joins the Century Club. Well, technically she cycled 99 miles, but who is counting 🙂 What a Rockstar, Ryan and for a great cause. Thank you!

Hoping for a speedy recovery for Carrie Cheatham after a fall during the Copperhead 20k. Following surgery to repair her shoulder, she should be back running sometime in November. Thinking of you Carrie, and LEVEL 1 is missing you at practice.  Also we wish well to Laura Blaire who took a hard fall on her ankle Monday

Phil Jewett and Janet Coleman completed the Gulf Beach Half Marathon up in Connecticut as part of their training.  Building up their long run in preparation for the upcoming fall races, they enjoyed the beautiful, fun course!!