Goal setting involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted (S.M.A.R.T ) goals
Limit – a point beyond which your mind or body say’s it is not possible to go

Throughout our life we have always learned to set a goal. This could be a goal in sports, it could be to pass a test, it could be to reach a business sale by the end of the month, or it could be to be a better person. There are millions of goals floating out there and I believe that setting a goal is step one Untitledto success in your life. I am not afraid to say what my goals are, for example…..here are mine…..to run a 2:25:00 marathon, to grow Without Limits as a brand so it reaches people and helps change their life for the better, to keep a great relationship with my family and friends, to keep my heart healthy since my family has heart disease in its history, and to end each day with something positive before I go to bed. Those are some of my goals that I think are attainable each day and in the future.
Goals are hard to keep. Have you ever seen statistics of people who do new years resolutions? Most people do them for 2 weeks then quit. I think people forget that goals are tough, we run into obstacles ALL THE TIME. I read Dr. Alan Goldberg’s sports psychology post and it said that the process of reaching a goal is like making a sandwich. You have the bread, meat, toppings and dressing. It all makes a sandwich one. Just like on your way to a goal, you have the awesome days, the right connections, the best workouts, but you also have the struggles, the setbacks, the tough days and that is what makes reaching a goal so fun and dynamic….it pushes you as a person to go through all the stages (the full sandwich) and when you reach that goal…the glory is above and beyond what you ever imagined.
I think one thing we struggle with is limiting our goals, staying in our comfort zone or not thinking we can attain something because we are not talented enough, or have the right connections, or a million other excuses people tell themselves of why they will never get to the next level. You may ask….well when does it end? When are we done setting goals? There has to be an end right? Well that is a question you need to ask yourself. Do you want to have limiting beliefs about what you can do with your life? When you think that you are limited, you will BE limited and that is a fact. When you surround yourself with people who are talented in their own field, when you build relationships and focus on helping others and being happy for others, you encourage synergy and positive opportunities. EVERYONE in this world has God given abilities. Nobody is perfect at everything, and nobody will do things the same exact way. So combining efforts, whether it be training, or business, or community organizations or events, or goal oriented projects, as you get better and continue to set goals and not limits, you need to seek out how to build toward the next goal and then the next goal…..as you begin to accomplish more as an individual, you will look back and realize where your success and attained goals came from. Setting Goals, staying focused on achieving them through hard work and truly embracing those around you will bring results, and along the way allow you to enjoy the toppings on your sandwich.579896_352536111517913_1078292971_n

 “SET GOALS, NOT LIMITS” “If you live Without Limits, anything is possible…all it takes is the desire to want to accomplish something, the will and guts to make the commitment to do it, the dedication to earn the right to do it and the acceptance of the sacrifices involved to succeed at it.”



Keep dreaming, keep that unlimited mindset.  Life will always give back. 

Tom Clifford