Tips for Running Long & Strong in the HEAT!

Heat can really play a role in the quality (or lack thereof) of your performance.  Here are six ways to work with the heat to have a successful long run!

1. Check the Forecast – Running on sunny days increases skin temperatures more due to radiation from the sun.  If possible, choose a cloudy day over a sunny day for your long run.
2. Choose Shade – Another way to reduce exposure to sun radiation is to pick a course that is shaded.  Tree cover blocks the sun and decreases ground temperature!  (On extremely warm days, asphalt can reach 160-170 degrees Fahrenheit!!!)
3. Think in Short Loops – Rather than running a long loop or an out-and-back course, create a 3-4 mile loop and stash a cooler in a shaded spot filled with all of your nutrition and hydration needs!  This will provide your mind and body a much needed cooling opportunity and refill break!
4. Head out Early….Really Early – Find a buddy or a group and head out before Sunrise!  Beat the sun by starting well before it becomes an issue!  Don’t forget your headlamp and reflective gear!  Stay cool but stay safe!
5. Run by Effort – Pace doesn’t mean a lot when you are running a long, hot run.  Instead of worrying about time, base your effort off of your body and by listening to your breath!
6. Break it Up – If you have to, break your run up!  Complete half of it early in the morning before the heat gets intense, and then complete the second half later in the evening or inside on a treadmill!
Running long in the heat poses great challenges, but with a few tweaks to your plan, you can work with the conditions and get in a strong long run!
~Happy Running! And PS….sorry for the CORNY joke ?~ Coach Nina