Team Results Mid June 2015


Phillip Davis tackeled his first race of the season at the Greenwood Olympic Tri.  2:48:10 2nd in Age Group. Doug Wheeler also competed but Landscaping got the best of him coming in exausted.  Couldn’t catch Phillip this time!

Sherman Criner headed to Raleigh to run a half marathon on his treck toward his big upcoming Ultra Events  –  1:59:22. 18 of 48 AG.  Ginny Cockrum also went to 13.1 race in Raleigh in the heat and hills. She crushed it! 2nd half of the year and hooked. Running strong and props on loosing weight and getting in great shape

Congrats to the Carroll Family at Eagleman 70.3.  This family should be the triathlon family of the year!

Leslie Jurado took 5th in AG and sub 3 on her International at Kerr Lake.  Way to continue your huge improvements!

Tay Filer travels to SCOTLAND and jumps in the Skye Half Marathon getting 22 out of 600! 1200′ of elevation gain and 25mph headwinds on 80 percent of the course. It was hilly and tough conditions



Great work Erin Jackson at the Asheville Half Marathon as an IMBoulder.  Mary Margaret also did Asheville also and clocked a 1:47! training day and ton Anthony and Andy who completed the cape fear river run half

Escape from Alcatraz:

Mark Austin and Coach Sami finally broke 3 hours and escaped from the Rock for a 4th time! First time escapees Erik Schuette and Lindsey Hess posted some great race results and successfully made it across the bay. Congrats to all Wilmington athletes and cycling coach, Charlie George on a Rockstar kinda day.

Bridge to Bridge

Congrats to so many of the Without Limits Youth team and adults for competing at Bridge to Bridge 4 miler or 1 miler downtown.  Battling the heat is hard for any runner, our kids really showed us hard work and perseverance!
4 mile results
1 mile results


Bridge to Pier

Congrats to Erik Rasmussen for taking the win!  Nice Erik!  Ren Rotondo 7th overall and 1st in AG with a great time, Ren is also a team sponsor.  His business Southeastern Marble and Granite is one of the top places in town to get new countertops!

Ty Rabon was 16th overall 2nd overall in AG and Tim Winslow 2nd overall in AG.  On the female side, Renee Griffen got 2nd in her AG!


Three Little Pigs and Challenge Williamsberg

Social Media post from Coach Sami: “There is no doubt in my mind about why I coach and race after this weekend. Watching the excitement and fun on their faces yesterday made me want to dedicate my race today to 2 ladies who reminded me to always have fun!! Congrats to Holly Cunningham and Lisa Farmer Kerr on their first Tri! You worked so hard!!! Lori Drake crushed her double winning her 3rd pig and a 15 min PR on her Oly! Today Harrison finished 5th OA after losing his nutrition in 94 degrees. Time for a new cage! And a rare sighting on Lawrence racing too!!!! Rather warm at 94 degrees today and Tim Gill crushed it too!!!!! What an amazing weekend…and a shout out to Sam Shelby… Giving you some Mojo!!! Love my Rockstars and my Eagleman peeps too!!”

This seems to be a tradition each year for WOL to have a presence at 3 little pigs!  Great job to Coach Sami placing 1st in masters division and 2nd AG  at the challenge olympic.  Lori Drake, who did both 3 little pigs and Challenge Williamsberg got 3rd at the Pigs.  Lisa Kerr and Holly Cunningham both had awesome races, Holly getting 4th in her division and Lisa getting 5th.  Also BIG PROPS TO BILL WAGNER WHO placed in his AG.

Lawrence Landrigan tackled Challenge Williamsberg half and had a tough run but still managed 9th in his age group out of 37 at a big event and mentioned above Harrison Brown 5th overall, in the Olympic distance.