Swimming Tips and Video Drills

Swimming is defined by patience, balance, respect, and timing. We as athletes can get so caught up in paces, speed, competition that we tend to forget that the simple things in training also help us achieve our goals as well.

Swimming is a sport that will teach you to slow down to work on form. As soon as you aren’t relaxed and patient the water will win.

These are two great videos focusing on timing, body position, and the kick. Pay close attention to how smooth the swimmers rotate and always have an arm out arm to balance the body weight on top of the water. Notice how each swimming is kicking… YES you need to be able to kick in order to swim efficiently. In order to swim fast and efficient you must be able to slow down, relax and balance your body on the surface of the water.

6 – Kick Switch Drill

3/4 Catch Drill from USA Swim Coach Dave Durden