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A 10 pack gives you 10 uses over 4 months.


Monthly Package

Choose the monthly package if you plan to swim 2 or more times per week.
Virtual Coaching athletes please ask for your discount code.


1x per Week

This allows you 4 sessions per month.


Recreational or competitive, the core of each Without Limits personal swim coaching session is a balance of technique and fitness focused on the ability of the individual athlete.

Many look to swimming as a relaxing, low-pressure exercise that boosts your mood, alleviates stress and helps you detach and unwind. Others find the sport exhilarating and have the drive, desire and dedication to reach more elite levels of the sport.

Beyond the health benefits of an active lifestyle, Without Limits prides itself in our dedication to inspiring and motivating all athletes to push themselves to greatness. There are a number of ways to take advantage of Without Limits coached swim sessions, including sessions at the YWCA or in the comfort of your own pool. Our offerings are comprehensive and tailored to each athlete’s needs.


Swim sessions at located at the YWCA on S. College Rd in Wilmington, NCScreenshot (48)

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Without Limits Swimming Offers the following options

Virtual Coaching


Run | Swim | Tri

Personalized weekly, monthly and yearly training planning for runners, swimmers and triathletes. Virtual means whether you are local or live far away, Without Limits will coach you via training peaks online through individualized scheduling and phone/email coaching.

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From $40 to $80/month

If you’d like to perfect your technique, improve general health or sharpen your mentality during the swim leg, our Group Swim Sessions at the Wilmington YWCA are perfect for you.

Drop in Sessions


If you do not want to purchase a package, you can drop into any session by clicking on the calendar session below.

Private Lessons

Starting at $65

Improve breathing, perfect your stroke, learn drills or get video taped.  We do private AT HOME and at the YWCA Pool.  Contact info@iamwithoutlimits.com



Without Limits utilizes IKKOS and Dartfish Technology for form analysis and breakdown.

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