Strength Class – For the Multisport Athlete

Without Limits is partnering with Tri-Fit Barbell in Mualdin for a weekly Strength class that is catered to meeting the needs of every level endurance athlete. Whether you are beginning a 5k training program, competing in the Setup Series, or looking to qualify for the Boston Marathon strength is a critical component of any athletes regiment.

Our program is going to have multiple workouts for the various levels of athletes that we encounter on a daily basis. We understand that every athlete comes with different needs so our program is going to be built on fundamental strength that prevents injury and allows runners to increase training volume and intensity with added stability strength.

Our 8 week series will be progressive for those who choose to enhance strength. If you would like to pop your head in to learn a few tips about our program we have drop in sessions as well!

Jan 8th – 11am
Jan 15th – 11am
Jan 22nd – 11am
Jan 29th – 11am
Feb 5th – 11am
Feb 12th – 11am
Feb 19th – 11am
Feb 26th – 11am


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