Spinx Marathon Training Update

100% Humidity 100% of the time on a busy week schedule with 1000 miles of travel!

My training this week was not as effective as I would have hoped but what I am beginning to learn in the world of adult running is that priories are essential in balancing a life that we all want to lead. Some of us have families, jobs with weird and long hours, responsibilities of which we have no control, etc. I am not making excuses for the things that I didn’t get done but it seems to me that if I want to accomplish something great I might have to sacrifice something small and trivial. I didn’t do that this week and I am now looking at my training log in despair. Tomorrow is another day and I have 8 weeks to cram in miles and the essential workouts!

Training plan adjustments must be made to the expectations of heat and humidity and travel!

Monday – 0
Tuesday – 13
Wednesday – 12
Thursday – 5
Friday – 11
Saturday – 8
Sunday – 14

Counting Up or Counting Down?

Week # 4 into my training and I realized I only have 10 to go. I am torn mentally/emotionally between the distance I have covered in the last 4 weeks of training and the paralyzing fact that I only have 10 to go to be as prepared as I would like. In the past 4 weeks I have consistently rehabbed an acute injury while building up from 35, to 45, to 65, and now to 75 miles! It is not your typical 10% increase that you will find in most books but those are guidelines anyhow right? WHO HAS TIME FOR GUIDELINES!The bulk of my training this week came in an 8 x Mile Session I performed with one of my athletes and now training partner. I allotted two minutes rest and ran them in an average of 5:34 pace. I was happy considering the confidence I have at this point in training. I packed in the miles the next 3 days leading into the Michelin 5k where I paced my girlfriend Victoria to a 16:59. We ran as we planned running the first mile in 5:30, cutting down to 5:25, and closing in 5:20! A little kick at the end and we snuck under 17 minutes! We turned that effort into our first LR of the week followed by another LR effort of 13 miles at Paris Mountain! Tomorrow will be a rest day for me and my body will be thankful!


Monday – 10 Easy
Tuesday – 12 (8 x Mile) 2 Min rest 5:30s
Wednesday – 10
Thursday – 10
Friday – 10
Saturday – 10 (5k in 17 minutes tempo)
Sunday – 13

Total: 75

Learning Curve!


Week of training was well and coming very close to coming back full strength in my base after being sidelined for bursitis I received from the National 50 Mile Championship in June.  Running pain free and able to get out the door whenever and run whatever at this point so that is a confident feeling! On the other hand of confidence you have your deepest and darkest insecurities which I also encountered this week. I registered for my first Triathlon at the Greenville Tri being hosted by setup events and the Westside Aquatic Center. I have only biked 30 miles total this whole year and swam less than 1600 meters. Needless to say I was ill-equipped and unprepared for a surprisingly tough effort.  I struggled through the water when I swallowed a quart of water and on the bike when i had competitors zip past me with ease. What I can say is that I had the faster if not fastest run split with a 15:45ish 5kish (I say that because they lost my timing chip and the course was a far cry from a full 5k!Anywhoo! TRAINING
Monday – 8
Tuesday – 6
Wednesday – 10 (14 x 400 in 76-78 with 45 rest)
Thursday – 6
Friday – 8
Saturday – 6 up and down Paris Mountain
Sunday – Sprint Tri and cool downed an additional 10 miles giving me about 16 total effort
Total: 60

I am about 1 week from being able to crank out some big miles in preparation for the big chunk of running needed to gain the result that I am seeking at Spinx. On top of these miles I am integrated into a full strength and preventative rehab program to bring me back faster and stronger than I was before!

Spinx Marathon Training


Building a Base!Considered the most important part of any training plan is the base. It sets the tone and the foundation for all things to be built on top. The wider and more stable a base, the more pressure and force that can be applied to the building blocks that will go on top. You can only build a sky-scrapper so tall with a 2 x 2 foot base.
I am focusing on the foundation of my training with weeks in advanced training already written out. I know what key workouts I am doing this week as well as week 12 of this plan. It gives me a sense of purpose for each workout as well as a sense of security that we have a blue print and a vision of what we want to build in the future.
Had a fun time racing the last GTC All Comers meet and paced 2 miles at 5:20 pace for 6 laps!

Monday – 7
Tuesday – 7 + 6 Lap time trial at 5:20 pace
Wednesday – 6
Thursday – 4
Friday – 3 + 15 Mile Bike Time Trial + 400 Meter Swim Time Trial
Saturday – 8
Sunday – 6 + 4
Total Effort = 50

Feeling much stronger than last week and my diet is stipend greatly now in preparation for my training race vs my racing weight. ( on average I train 4 pounds heavier than I race) I am racing the Greenville Triathlon next weekend and the Michelin 5k the following weekend. These are fitness assessors and not my B-A races. I indicated in my previous week that we should all write down our racing schedules annually and label A-B-C races for importance and timeline reasons.

Question of the week: When building an empire what tools do you need? When building a city what tools do you need? When building a building, what tools do you need? What do you need to build tools?


Coming off a very difficult racing schedule this spring where I raced 18x in 26 weeks including 3 Half Marathons, 1 Full Marathon, and a 50 Miler, needless to say I took 6 weeks off and am in the current rebuilding phase of my training. As a successful week 1 in training I can tell you without a doubt the 3 most important aspects of marathon training will include a Plan, Support group, and a Goal. Without one of these 3 components the other will falter/fail.

The Plan

Everyone needs a different plan and each plan will direct that individual towards their goal following their unique time schedule, priorities of life, and the support provided. My plan for this marathon is similar to ones I have done before with the progression of key workouts that give me some guidelines of fitness levels. I am following a race/training plan set off by my coach. YES, as a coach we still have coach’s. It is important to get outside perspective and that 3rd party objective dictator that will tell you what you need to work on and give you the things that you are not good at.

The Support

The support group I have includes several concepts:

  • Training Journal
  • Coach
  • Schedule
  • Resources (I am a personal trainer and coach so I am lucky enough to surround my life with positive environments and nutrition..
  • Athletes/Colleagues (its always nice to confirm training concepts with people with a great knowledge and skill base)

The Goal

The goal for me which is relative and should always be remembered when looking at other peoples goals. I am not Meb, I am not a coach potato. Each of these people have different goals based off of the two concepts I stated above. Meb has a greater support group and plan than an average couch potato does. I would like to state that I DO BELIEVE that if certain individuals who reside on the couch were given the same plan/resources/support as Meb that they too could reach these levels of achievement. Desire is the single factor that cannot be accounted for. ANYWHOO….. MY goal for Spinx is a top 3 Finish and I would like to run a PR of 2:31. The course is suited but as a good goal it has its doubts. I am not giving myself much time 13 Weeks before. I say the word “Doubt” because if you do not doubt your ability to reach a goal then you simply did not set the goal high enough. You can not achieve something GREAT without the risk of failure.


Easy base mileage ending my week with 50 miles and a LR of 8 miles incorporating a daily regiment of core exercises, rehab drills, dynamic drills, and and injury prevention exercises. (cannot stress these drills/exercises enough and their importance.

Running to a Cause and Running for a Cause!

The 4th of July is marked in history well with great men, great stories, and great victories. On that day in 1776 men and women united in one great effort to declare their own freedom of tyranny and control from an unjust system of government. Those men and women ran TO a cause that they felt was greater than the safety of their own lives. How many of us can say that we have done the same. I have never had the privilege but I thank those who have from the bottom of my heart.  For the sole reason that they ran TO that cause I am able to run FOR my cause.


On September 27th this year Without Limits will be hosting a 5k at Lake Conestee Park to support a soldier who sacrificed a great deal to give us the freedoms we have today. Sergeant Bradley Walker lost both his legs and one arm when he came across an IED. He lives two hours away in Tennessee and all proceeds will be going to rebuild a home that he can live a life he deserves! This is my cause of running and I hope you many of you can join us in this effort. We are accepting donations through this website and registration can be found on the GTC directed http://run-cal.com/
Details can be found on this site under “Races”
Bradley Walkers Personal Page