Southern Tour, WB 10K, Late January Early February 2016 Results

“Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” –Mattie Stepanek

Daytona Half Marathon

Doug Wheeler: 17th OA and 4th AG
Brian Causey: 7th OA and 2nd Masters

Austin Half Marathon

Shannon Maus – 1:38:00 Huge PR at Age 56 years young. – Shannon did the January Austin, TX half
Lindsay Dean– 1:43:48 – Lindsay did the February Hilly Austin, TX Half

Austin Marathon

Cameron Simmons – used this marathon as a training race 3:43:03

WB Valentine 10KValentine 10K

Tom Clifford 31:45 PR 1st overall

Christa Iammarino 37:17 1st overall female
Chris Pope – 38:22 4th overall
Rick O’donnell – 38:42 5th overall
Fast Eddie Buchanan – 45:40 – 1st 10K 1st overall Grand Masters
Tracy McCullen – 45:40PR and pacing Eddie
Phillip Davis– 49:28 – doing pacework 1st Masters
Diana Davis – 56:01 PR
Jess Nichols 58:34 – 1st race back!
Melissa Stilwell 57:47
Katherine Cammack – 1:00:05 AG winner!
Dina McGrogan 1:02:38
Kelly and Mickey Curbo – 1:02:38 -PR for Kelly! Valentine’s gift to each other… racing together!
Janet Coleman- 1:07:40
Lauren Stephenson – 1:03:20 PR! for WB 10K
Tricia Bennett- 1:08:22 PR!
Christine Bean – 1:12:18 – 1st race back training! AG winner!
Kris Keller – 1:18:03
Russ May – AG win! 1:20:01
Fred Altman and Carrie Cheatham were spotted on the course, too!

Indoor Track

Allie is erasing seconds off her time with her recent 5:31 mile and 2:31 800.

Huge Shout Out to Without Limits Cycling Rockstars for taking on the Tour de Sufferlandria 2016 Challenge and completing it in fine fashion!

Lisa Kerr
Holly Cunningham
Susan Shafer
Charlie George
Erin Jackson
Erin Green
Sue Bark
Jen Wheeler
Megan Stephens
Mike Nichols
Marla Engrahm
Beth Andrew
Coach Sami

Shout out to Anthony and Sherman for their Oak Island Half Marathon finish and to Ed McDermott who won his age group with a 1:36.

Polar Plunge 5K

Susan Shafer: 5K PR and after 8 days of the Tour!!

Southern Tour Ultra

Congrats to our 50K Ultra Finishers:
Jose Gonzalez
Maleia Tumolo
John Moehnke
Patrick Horning
Charles Buckland
Diane Kelly

How about our 50 mile ultra relay teams! What a killer weekend and so much fun with friends and family!SOuthern Tour

1st place team Monkey Butt:
Tay Filer
Erik Rasmussen
Erin Hogston
Brian Causey
Kate Martin
Brittany Perkins
J. 14% Allsbrook
Karen Eckberg
Keeley Eckberg
Phillip Davis

2nd Place Team – Will Not Be Defeated – Congrats to WOL athletes
Christa Iammarino
Allison Shofe
Marcy Waters
Lawrence Landrigan

3rd Place Overall Sugar Spice Everyone Nice
Eddie Buchanan
Shannon Maus
Alecia Williams
Stephenie Winter
Renee Zukerman
Brian Bohrer
Jason Adams
Leigh Adams
Harrison Brown
Matthew Hammersmith

Congrats to the rest of the teams for putting in the mileage and the work!

Beauties and the Beasts:
Philip Davis
Shawn Wellersdick
Lisa Theriault
Pete Springer
Shelley Malloy
Tanya Kulisz
Ryan Hilton
Jim Hundley
John Cockrum
Donnie Norris

Team Heels Up!
Matthew Wisthoff
Dave Dupont
Faye Fay
Tim Nichols
Shay Hutchings
Mike Nichols
Doug Wheeler
Shay Hutchings
Mark Austin
Lindsey Hess

Southern Girls Gone Wild
Holly Cunningham
Kelli Vanscoy
Valerie Miller
Susan Shafer
Lisa Kerr
Lynda Smith
Angela Leonard
Roxanne Pearson
Becky Odaniell
Lesly Jurado

Team Cereal Killers
Stephanie Mayew
Nicole Stone
Shawn Tunis
Anthony Enoch
Shawn Tunis
Kelli Curbo
Mickey Curbo
Anthony Enoch
Barbara Kornegay
Barbara Kornegay

Trial Pimps
Cameron Simmons
Sarah Huettl
Tommy Huettl
Lindsay Dean

Trail Blazing
Kristen Jeno
Erin Jackson
Erin Green
Neal Cooper

Team Quantum Leap
Tracy McCullen
Jeremy Reynolds
Johan du Pisani

Props to Paul Quam and Grant Meyers on team Comin’ in Hot
Chad Towne and Bryan Eber on Team It’s My Party and I’ll Run if I Want To
Ty Rabon, Steve Risley and Renee Griffin on Premature Acceleration
Ed George and Scott Perry on Prestige Worldwide
Shawn and Sarah Horton and Team Relay Monkeys
Janet Coleman on team Servivors
Beth Brampton, Sue Bark and Jack Carroll on Sole Sistas
Bud Woodrum on Team The Trots
1st OA Female Southern Tour 5 miler – Kelli Kerkhoff

Uwharrie 8 mile

Jason Klaitman – 2 min PR for the 8 miler
Angela Leonard: Having some fun being a mountain goat

Congratulations to Level II’s “Yoda” Athlete of the Month: January 2016 Sarah Horton

Don’t try. Do.
“Do or do not… there is no try.”
Overcome your fears.
“Named must your fear be before banish it you can.”
Your world is a reflection of you.
“You will find only what you bring in.”