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“Aim at perfection in everything, though in most things it is unattainable. However, they who aim at it, and persevere, will come much nearer to it than those whose laziness and despondency make them give it up as unattainable.” ~Phillip Stanhope

Savannah Rock and Roll Half and Full Marathontara

Congrats to Tara Martine for her WIN at the RnR Marathon.  Tara’s goal was a sub 3:00:00 and unexpectedly she found herself in first place at mile 23 after latching onto some of the top men.  Her overall time of 2:59:12 got her the win and a SUB 3 PR.
WECT picked up Tara’s win check it out!

How about Mark Basquill who ran 3:26:45 and qualified for Boston.  Cheers to going to Boston Mark!

Props to Cameron Simmons and Anthony Enoch who used Savannah as a training day.  Cam came in at 1:36 just under his marathon goal pace and Anthony at 2:30 for the half.  Nice job gentleman! Also Christie Tucker got a SUB 2 hour half in, way to get out there and continue to challenge yourself Christie!

camanthonymark b

GE’s Run Roll and Stroll for Purple Heart Homes

In the 10K Coach Tom took the overall win with a Road PR of 31:23 (5:04/mi)

In the 5K Without Limits Junior Olympic team had a great 5K training race before next weeks J.O. State championship

Conner Riggs 20:23 PR – Age Group Winner 11-14IMG_20141108_093553_126
Makayla Obremski 20:55 PR (2nd overall female)
Sam Rooker – 21:49 PR – 2nd Age Group 11-14
Isabella Bufalini – 22:30 PR at the Outer Banks 5K
Arthur Townend 22:38 PR
Aaron Maserio – 22:48 PR – 4th in Age Group 11-14
Chris Post – 23:36 PR
Sam Fergussen – 24:30 – Age Group Winner 10 and under
Ben Stout – 24:37 PR
Charles Rooks 24:38 PR – 2nd Age Group 10 and under
Chris Balderson – 25:53
Emelia Stinson – 28:13 PR
Maggie Mulligan – 28:48 PR
Erin Blanding 29:24 PR
Mack Howard 42:39 PR

Other Without Limits Adults competing in the 5K

Tim Winslow – 22:03 PR
Jeff Rooks – 24:38 pacing his son Charles to a PR
Jennifer Mott – 44:13 making her last mile her best!  She is back and feeling great!  Great job Jenny
Andy McVey running incognito but there is proof he is back and on his journey to IMFL 2015


Bald Head Island 10K and 5Klevel 1

Coach Faye says: Level 1 athletes PR and make the podium at BHI 5k/10k … Consistency and hard work make a difference congratulations!

Jeremy Snodgrass is back in action with his 45:46 10K great having you back Jeremy
Fred Altman 52:54 nice race Fred! Age Group Winner
Regan Simmons – 1:04:48
Chris Bean – 30:35 5K  Age Group Winner
Lauren Stephenson 32:49 5K Age Group Winner
Martha Weaver – 34:45 5K
Carrie Cheatham – 35:01 5K

Paris Mountain ULTRA


Without Limits Endurance Team Greenville won the 1st annual Paris Mountain Ultra 50 mile 4 man Relay in a time of 7:17 with runners Cory Croissant, Chris Ferland, Patrick Strohman. The race coursre had over 12,000 Feet of elevation.  Brianparis mtn Thomas stage 4 cancer survivor and founder of www.roadwarriorscorp.org won the 50 miler.  Amazing weekend in Paris Mountain!

Jason Staff Powell ran 21 miles further than he has ever done this weekend by competing in the Paris Mountain Ultra 50k and climbed 8,000 feet over a mountain by himself! He is the Greenville Athlete of the Week and an inspiration to everyone around him. Staff Sergeant Powell has been training to surpass his PT test as a member of our military. His PT test is tough and prepares our men and women in uniform for duty if called upon. This weekend Jason challenged himself to be prepared for ANYTHING. This weekend had a theme – “Life Happens” – Jason and others like yourself who are reading this have had life happen to you. We ought to use life as a way to encourage ourselves to overcome tremendous physical challenges. Jason accomplished that this weekend by running 50,000 meters (31 MIles) with 8,000 feet of elevation! Great work Jason!
Link to Results: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=28990