Rocks, Hills & 15ks for Wilmington athletes

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

It was a very busy first part of February with lots of trail runs, 5ks, 10ks and 15ks. Everyone is gearing up for marathon season and rocking their training races. Way to go WOL team!

Uwharrie 20 and 40 Miler
It was an exciting and fun race filled with Animal Planet tapings, Big Foot and lots of mountain trails.
Coach Brian ran 40 miles of rocks, roots, hills, rocks, and more rocks for an awesome finish. Congrats!
Coach Kristen signed up for 20 miles, and loved it… but was confused how people turned around so she did another 20 miles. Way to go Kristen, literally!
Coach Tom broke the course record and came in 3rd place by only 5 minutes.
Patrick Horning raced an awesome 40 miles and loved every second of it.

Double trouble 15k,
Aaron Kolk won the combined events for the double trouble followed by Coach Fischetti in 2nd. Way to represent coaches! WOL Women went 1,2,3… lead by Peyton Thomas, Melissa Quaranto in 2nd and Casey Henrie in 3rd.
Allie Shofe crushed both the 5K and 10K training for her next full marathon and PRed in the 5K. Rocco Quaranto comes out of the woodwork with a solid finish and Josh Whitley right behind him having 2 great races.
Janett Coleman took advantage of this weekends double trouble 15k and used it as a training run for her upcoming race. She ran the 10K faster than the 5K.  Way to go Janett!
Phil Jewett tackled the double and did awesome, good running Phil!
Shannon Maus tried something new and did her first 5K,10K combo and Shawn Tunis was paced by Tracy McCullen and did great in both races. Creating a training team is the perfect way to push yourself and take on new challenges.
Cam Simmons and Charlie Jackson got a nice double in training before the WB marathon.
Erica Svab has been a bit fatigued due to marathon training, but stuck this one out and ran extremely well. She trusted her training, listened to her body and ran smart.
Deborah Dotson contemplated not coming due to some lingering piriformis issues, but came and stuck to her plan and did amazing!
Danielle Conway has been training for the half at WB and had a great training day. All your hard work is showing!
Leslie Payne is coming off the goofy challenge and put together another great double race day!
Shawn Tunis crushed her workout as prep for the WB Marathon.

Wrightsville beach Valentines 10K

There was an incredible WOL athlete turnout and everyone did great! It was a rainy and humid, but the results proved that is was a great day to race.

Coach Aaron: 33:12 – 1st overall
Peyton Thomas: 35:41 – 2nd overall 1st female
Rob Ward: 35:56 PR
Coach Fischetti: 36:01
Melissa Quaranto: 41:58
Josh Whitley: 42:09 PR
Peyton Chitty: 42:26 PR
Rocco Quaranto: 42:42
Casey Henrie: 43:25 PR
Kyle Philips: 43:38
Ray Caffee: 44:56
Cam Simmons: 46:23
Allison Mumford: 46:26 HUGE PR
Jeremy Snodgrass: 46:35
Allison Shofe: 48:50
Phillip Davis: 48:49
Shannon Maus: 49:26
Sarah Horton: 49:59
Tracy McCcullen: 50:16
Shawn Tunis: 50:16
Mike Loveless: 50:43
Lisa Kerr: 51:52
Charles Jackson: 51:54
Erica Svab: 53:45
Diana Davis: 55:10 PR
Lynda Smith: 55:26
Kelly Moore: 56:00
Doug Hines: 57:02
Danielle Conway: 57:56
Deborah Dotson: 58:17
Walker Taylor: 58:28
Dina Mcgrogan:1:11:06
Kim Post: 1:02:17
Anna Maltby: 4 min PR
Quinn Sosne: 45:16
Cate Piech: 1:07:33
Katherine Cammack: 1:06:19
Janet Coleman: 1:07:40
Anthony Enoch: 1:11:56
Audra Hines: 1:14:02
Leslie Payne: 1:15:13
Jennifer Hondos: 1:23:06
Sara Valasek: 1:23:42

Wrightsville beach Valentines 5K
Aaron Kolk – 15:41
Justin Fischetti 16:59
Peyton Thomas 17:06
Harrison Brown 17:54
Rocco Quaranto 19:12
Peyton Chitty 19:42 PR
Kyle Phillips 19:47
Cameron Simmons 20:45
Casey Henrie 21:32
Shawn Wellersdick 21:36
Allison Shofe 21:37 PR
Lindsey Dean 21:59
Kelli Kerkhoff 22:19
Shannon Maus 22:49
Shawn Tunis 23:09
Tracy McCullen 23:09
Charles Jackson 23:16
Lisa Kerr 25:12
Erica Svab 25:43
Deborah Dotson 25:50
Lindsey Dean – 1st in AG
Jennifer Barker – 31:00
Sandra Rieske 32:44 PR
Jill Hall 33:56 PR
Leslie Payne 34:15 (pacing Jill Hall)

Cowtown Half Marathon
Michelle and Logan Bonathan raced the Cowtown half marathon in Austin TX.  Michelle pulled off a 5 minute PR and both had super solid races.